Matt Walsh flushes the entire #MeToo movement down the toilet

A must read. A must share.

ht/ illustr8r

8 Comments on Matt Walsh flushes the entire #MeToo movement down the toilet

  1. “I’m a lying, stupid cunt.”

    “Really?… Me too.”

    “Let’s tell a lie and fuck up some innocent man’s life just to prove how special we are; not like daddy said when he called us useless sluts who were an embarrassment to the family.”

  2. Why are you offended by an opinion just because you think it’s wrong? And perhaps the most important question: why should I care that you’re offended?

    Insights into the malfunctioning progressive mind.

  3. Right. It’s excellent.

    And it’s an answer that can be applied to a lot of other “offensive” opinions as well.


  4. I would have said ” Oh you’re offended….prepare to be more offended while I go for broke…GO F@!K YOURSELF!!!”

  5. “zip gun”. Have not seen that term in decades. 64 years go I had friends who made them for “self defense”. I never said my folks were rich!


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