Mattis Resigns

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis will step down, effective February, saying that his disagreements with the President has caused him to tender his resignation.

“Because you have the right to have a secretary of defense whose views better align with yours,” Secretary Mattis wrote to the President, “I believe it is right for me to step down from my position.”

President Trump broke the news on Twitter, writing that Mattis was “retiring with distinction.”

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  1. Mad Dog got mad!

    I have been told that Jarheads do that.

    Not like Smedley at Woody; Gen. butler wrote a book about what a scoundrel Woody “He Kept us Out of the War!” was! did something I would never do – OK I hit the progressive GWB every time I turn around – usually.

  2. Is it because Trump wants out of Afghanistan and Syria?
    Let’s get back to bombing assholes and then going home for a change.
    Why are we babysitting and cleaning 3rd world toilets?

  3. General Mattis’ resignation is a loss for our country. He has served his country with honor and dignity and appears to be resigning over principals. You cannot fault a man who stands up for what he believes. I personally thank him and sincerely hope his replacement is as competent as General Mattis is.

  4. Trump stated when running he would surround himself with smart business people. He got all family members and generals instead. About time to get rid of the war hawk generals, his family and get some “smart” business people.

  5. Because, as I heard someone say, “he’s sort of a Democrat”.

    War strategy is not the same thing as foreign or domestic policy.

  6. President Trump is pulling our troops out of Syria to use the money that would be spent on those troops to build the wall. That sent Mattis and all the military brass into a tailspin. All the congressmen and military who get lobbied and paid under table by military contractors are peeing their pants. Trump’s got this and he needs our prayers because he’s buckin’ the big boys.

  7. I don’t know, correct me if I’m wrong, but I have never read where Mattis said he wanted to leave any of the wars or ‘operations’ that 0bama started.

  8. General Mattis is a warrior’s warrior.
    He has been loyal and faithful to his God, Country, Corps and our President.
    Nothing less than the utmost respect has been earned by his service and sacrifice.

  9. Mattis has never been married. He has no kids. No pets. His idea of a good evening is rereading war books. The guy I want in my corner when the SHTF. But I can’t see him being to happy about ending conflicts.

  10. Trump leaving Syria makes ISIS and Iran happy. He is not listening to his military leaders and this is why Mattis is resigning.

    I’m not one to remain forever but leaving now will make Syria a proxy of Iran. I think when you have intelligence and military leaders advising you, you should listen. This isn’t a campaign trail where you can ignore campaign strategy and pull of your own thing.

    If he caves on the WALL, Syria goes bad, coupled with the Bump Stock ban, he is toast in 2020. He probably will be anyway because we will be in a recession by then. Republicans will get the blame even though the bulk of the money printing occured under Obama.

  11. Geoff C. The Saltine.
    We Have spent way to much of our money and men and gals lives in the Middle East for what? We have plenty of oil and gas to keep our country running for many years to come, just what does the Middle East have to offer us besides more Moslems?
    Remember we are going thru a whole world reset with new partners and allies to reshape the world and defeat the globalists,there will be pain and discomfort.
    We ask for P.Trump and we got him,now one man has quit does that mean that we need to stop supporting P.Trump?
    I won’t, and Mattis will be replaced,also remember he was also brought in at the start of P.Trumps term he had his own world views, things have changed. Trump.
    Geoff C. The Saltine.

  12. Shit. I was gleeful when PDJT appointed Mad Dog. Hate to see him go, but if you can’t agree with your CIC, I guess it’s a good thing to move on.

    Thank you for your service, Sir. You done good.

  13. I don’t know what to think about this. I have my doubts Mattis will embark on the Sunday morning talk shows to flesh out exactly the differences he referenced.

    If he wanted more military involvement in the middle east, fuck him. We’ve given the rag heads enough of our young men and women to shoot and blow up. If he thinks war over there will prevent terrorist acts over here, I disagree.

    There is NOTHING in the middle east we need. Not one damn thing worth the life of a son or daughter of this country.

    Unless you are a defense contractor that makes your very living off of the constant low level conflicts that bleed us of money and lives.

    I base my opinions on my disbelief in the effectiveness and efficacy of ‘limited military operations’. Which is the entirety of our national response since the end of WWII.

    If you are pissed off enough as a nation to send your military into a foreign country and kill people there, make it big. Or stay home. This should not be half assed nor tentative.

    And the only reason to go there and do among them like this is if your country is under threat.

  14. Sometimes it is difficult to go from being the top dog, to taking orders from a civilian who seems to ignore your most valued point of view.
    Take some time off, have a happy retirement! Semper Fi!!!

  15. Pelosi is already throwing huge praise on Mattis. “This is very dangerous for our country”. Give me a break.

    700 days on the job is about average for this position.
    Suck it up, kiddies.
    Mattis was GREAT.
    The next one is gonna be AS GOOD.
    And Trump LOVES the *disruption*.
    Get USED to it!

  17. MJA: Let’s get back to bombing assholes

    Good thought, but we did that in Germany and Japan, and yet we have troops there by the thousands. We do need some kind of a presence in the Middle East

  18. Unlike 0webongo….When We leave Syria…We won’t be financing

    ISIS to take over…unless You count that $$ the Donger gave Iran

  19. If we could possibly take the money out of politics and war….I have little doubt this would be a great planet on which to live.

  20. Of course he’s leaving. The military top brass would rather have their eyeballs gouged out than exit a middle eastern conflict. They don’t take into consideration that we are 22 trillion in debt. We can’t fight every bad guy on planet earth. Thanks for your service.

  21. @Saxindacity – Yeah, but Germany and Japan both surrendered to us. The Bushes and Obama both let them all in the Middle East, skate without a surrender. Our guys are still being shot at, blown up and killed. For what? A never ending, open-ended war that gets us nowhere. imho

  22. Gah! I hate all the palace intrigue speculation and rumor mongering that follows these change ups. There are probably only three or four people surrounding the President who know exactly what went down and why. The only thing I can’t stand is for Mattis to say it was over a difference of opinion and then not say what exactly that opinion was. C’mon, don’t leave it there.

    Otherwise, I’m glad we had Mattis when we did. Now — agreeing with Geoff C. — it’s time for a new leader there. And as far as military spending goes, we still have a lot of buying to do to catch up with full strength. Bringing our troops home from Syria and other areas of the world where they aren’t needed will go a long way toward keeping us secure (big picture).

  23. I’ll bet the families of these 7,000 troops think this is a FANTASTIC Christmas present.
    If we were going to maintain a Middle East presence it should have been in Iraq, but Obama stupidly withdrew our troops.
    Syria offers little to us.
    We need to get out.

  24. enough of the world wide wars. Mattis had a great Trump attitude but I dont want to constantly be at war. Its time to bring some people home. Even if its only the 2000 stationed there.

  25. I was hoping leaving Syria was a prelude to calling all our troops home from around the world to station them at the border.

  26. Leaving Syria such that Iran & Russia can further entrench themselves.

    This smells a lot like Jared and Ivanka to me.

  27. Reports are now surfacing Mattis is considering a Presidential run in 2020. As a Deomacrap. Good luck with that pal. You’re just not that dishonest.

  28. Brad, General Mattis will go the way of General McArthur, “Old soldiers never die, they simply fade away.”
    I pray I don’t see him on \The View or CNN, or MSNBC spouting bullshit with the libtards.
    That would break my heart.
    The treatment of General Michael Flynn id disgusting,

  29. Did Gen Mattis use his double knife hand to explain to President Trump why he was wrong?
    Happy retirement, sir. You deserve it.
    And I would still follow you through the gates of hell, anytime, sir.

  30. Mattis was OK with tranny’s in the military. That alone puts me in the good riddance camp.

    He may have been a decent general but Obama ousted most all of the good fighting generals so Mattis was chosen from among those left.


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