Mauritanian anti-slavery activist: “There is still slavery in Mauritania. More than 20% suffer from slavery.”

Jihad Watch: You’ll never hear anything about this from Black Lives Matter, because that organization doesn’t really care about black lives. It is a Marxist organization using real, exaggerated, and imagined racial injustice to try to destroy the United States.

“Mauritanian Anti-Slavery Activist Maryam Bint Al-Sheikh: Slavery Still Exists in Mauritania; Slaves Can Be Bequeathed From Father To Son; I Was Arrested And Tortured Multiple Times.” MORE

10 Comments on Mauritanian anti-slavery activist: “There is still slavery in Mauritania. More than 20% suffer from slavery.”

  1. Just as the BLM movement is not at all concerned about black-on-black murders (and you are racist if you even bring it up), the left is not at all interested in blacks being involved in the slave trade today (or the past for that matter).

  2. Blm is bullshit – it’s about seizing power, and hijacked by fascists.
    Remember: about 30 percent of US blacks agree.

  3. Americans don’t have time to worry about other slaves in the world, we are still dealing with the ghosts of slavery past still rising up from their shallow graves to haunt us and anyone within their bony reach. It seems they will never find eternal rest, if we keep digging them up.

  4. Ditto RadioMattM and Anon.
    Slavery is the highest in numbers that it has ever been. Nearly every country has officially declared it illegal. Major disconnect here, as countries are clearly not doing their part.
    And slavery in USA is high – particularly child/sexual slavery. Trump has done a lot to address the issue that previous presidents had not.

  5. “More than 20% suffer from slavery.”
    Less than 80% enjoy it? lol.

    Seriously, even if a muslim country doesn’t have slavery, the women and female children are still treated like slaves. Traded for camels, sold to uncles, neighbors, businesses the parent owes money to. It’s just all so gross.

  6. …yeah, but slavery doesn’t COUNT unless its the antebellum White on Black Southern USA kind, the OTHER kinds are just dey kulture and can’t be interfered with because multiculti says ALL cultures are EQUALLY good EXCEPT for ones with White people in them who are bad and evil and all White people are going to hell, now shut UP, we have a NASCAR driver that saw a window shade pull in his random hotel room that was kind of in a noose shape and so obviously meant as a DIRECT THREAT TO HIM BECAuSE HE’S BLACK, you stupid Muslim slaves don’t know what REAL oppression is until you’ve seen the pain poor Bubba has to go through EVERY TIME HE SEES A STRING…


  7. SPHINTER DUDE= It was funny ONCE,
    now it is just plain obnoxious.


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