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Maxine is Cray

American Mirror: MAXINE WATERS: Russia is out to get me!

Maxine Waters now sees a Russian behind every mailbox and lamp post.

During an anti-Trump tirade at an urban housing event, the California congresswoman went on a stem winder about Russia and the Kremlin’s alleged love for the American president.

At one point, the paranoid Waters declared Trump has committed “obstruction of justice,” and made the case for impeachment, also citing “possible collusion” with Russia.

She theorized Russia wanted to elect Trump so he would lift sanctions to allow Russia to drill for oil in the Arctic.

President Obama created the sanctions. She claimed Trump “hates” Obama.

“I want to tell you they absolutely hacked our Democratic National Committee—absolutely did that,” she told the audience to cheers.

“RT, which is Russian television, absolutely interfered with a speech of mine on the floor of Congress and blocked me out for 10 minutes,” she bellowed, as a woman in the audience gasped, “What?!?”  more here

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  1. Maxine is not Cray. She no longer lives in her district. She now live in the most expensive dump you’ve ever seen. Her districts demographics have turned to 62% white. How the fuck does she keep getting elected? No Conservative in California believes their vote counts. It’s all fixed.


  3. Maxine, the Russians don’t think you’re important enough to jam one of your speeches.

  4. Maxine is to be pitied, after all; she is a democrat and it’s well known that democrats are extremely short on intelligence.

  5. Mental Illness in Congress, there’s a long list starting with Nancy Pelosi and it doesn’t stop at Maxine Waters.

  6. In California you don’t have to live in your district to run for election. I’m not sure she ever lived in her district but it is beside the point, who votes for these crazy Cali politicians?

  7. She gets paid about 175K a year, but is worth millions. You figure it out.

  8. The California 43rd Congressional District is only 15% White, 25% Black, 13 % Asian, and pretty much the rest are Illegal aliens and the gang member children of illegal aliens.
    That district was created to give a black Democrat an uncontested seat in perpetuity.
    However, she’s likely get replaced with a Mexican in 4-more years, as the blacks don’t have the political clout that they once did in California, since the Mexicans have been ethnically cleansing them from East L.A. and BACK into black enclaves.
    Actually blacks are degraphicaly screwed in California, and are very soon to find out how little the Hispanics think of them.

  9. “The California 43rd Congressional District is only 15% White, 25% Black, 13 % Asian,”

    Really? does that compute to you? If so I have a bridge for sale.

  10. Maxine got into Pelosi’s dilaudid gummy bears…..

  11. MJA ask Fur for the bass picture for Maxine. You will thank me.

  12. So tired of hearing about people hating.

    Don’t they realize hate hurts only the haters?

    Hate will eat you up from the inside out.

    It will hurt you bad, physically, mentally, and spiritually, and take away your life.

    Spend your energy on something worthwhile.

  13. Would any creative writer of political satire novels be able to dream up characters as dingbat crazy as Maxine & several of the other nutty Demonrats ?

    The founding fathers foresaw that government office would attract greedy hustlers. Somehow they didn’t anticipate the position attracting nut jobs that people would actually elect.

  14. “The California 43rd Congressional District is only 15% White, 25% Black, 13 % Asian, and pretty much the rest are Illegal aliens and the gang member children of illegal aliens.”

    Now do Englewood and Hawthorne. Big defense contractors all around. Their employees have been shoving out the slums for a while now. Ask MJA>

  15. @oolook
    Hate is not always bad, we hate evil or should. I know you know that. Thanks

  16. The pictures IOTWR come up with are just so brilliant.

    Way to go Pinko.

  17. @Bad_Brad, Inglewood and Hawthorne have been crap since the 1970’s. They are now mostly Mexican as of the 2010 census, and I think by 2020 they will be even more Mexican.
    I don’t understand your point.
    Who do you think is over or under counted?
    L.A. is rapidly turning into Mexico Norte with a reliable utility grid (for now).

  18. For some bizarre reason I watched the whole video. I think I was hypnotized. Or maybe I was just hoping that she was going to fall.

    I couldn’t understand half of what she was saying with her mushy mouth and those people cheering and “praising their lord”.
    I really want to believe the woman filming was being ironic:
    -Maxine: “we gonna impeach him!”
    -The woman: Impeach 45!!’

    -Maxine: “we have to work” (What??) “Work the system.”
    -The woman: “Amen!!”
    I think this “work the system” was in order to be able to buy a house.

    Looks like Wells Fargo is going to finance houses even to people with bad credit. Hum, didn’t that happen before?

    She was all over the place, literally.

  19. Also, Maxine’s district is D +29 so whomever get the nod in the primaries for the Dems gets the job, full stop.
    This state is real banana republic nonsense, and likely should be disenfranchised for the good of the country.

  20. “@Bad_Brad, Inglewood and Hawthorne have been crap since the 1970’s. ”
    The cities you list are the ones that have had a resurgence of middle class move back in. Inglewood and Hawthorne’s down turn was in the mid to late sixties. I carried the flag out of Hawthorne. I’ve been down there several times in the last 18 months and what a difference. Hell, the Diner scene in Pulp Fiction was filmed at the end of 137th and Hawthorne Boulevard. I use to live on 137th. A lot better place than when I was living there.

  21. I heard from an anonymous source that Maxine is so fucking stupid she thought Henry Cabot Lodge was a motel and Moby Dick was a type of venereal disease, treatment is covered by obamacare.
    Her people love her. She’s a Queen. WTF!

  22. Maxi must be getting her talking points from Farrakhan.

  23. “Doncha see whut its like to live in this deranged Waring blender of a world. Every day is an aggonizing ordeal like balancing a scalding pot of scalding water on yer head while people whip yer lags and butt!”
    “Aaah ya neverfergit yer senior prom”

  24. @Bad_Brad,
    I haven’t been there is twenty years, so I’ll take your word for it, but that’s also not the totality of Maxine Waters’ seat, so the surrounding environs might be what’s doing it.
    If the majority in her district were white, then there would be no way she could keep her job.

  25. All we need now are is Jonathan Winters, Brian Keith and Alan Arkin in The Russians Are Coming, the Russians Are Coming. It’s one of my favorite comedies. And Bob Dylan could write a new song called the talking Bat Shit Crazy Idiotic Maxine Waters Blues. Boy, would that ever have her blowing in the wind.

  26. Didn’t it USED to be, that if the Russians wanted you, and you were a Democrap, that was considered a GOOD thing? 😕

    Poor McGovern… he must be spinning at 10,000 rpm in his grave… tsk, tsk, tsk…

  27. One of the worst things that happened in America is the conflation of ‘crazy’ with criminal.

    Attorneys and Judges pretending to be psychiatrists so it’s less obvious that they quit being professionals of The Law.
    Mocking Waters, Pelosi, or even obama and Lerner, doesn’t replace PROSECUTING THEM.
    There have been so many examples of criminals in government that we are numb to it. NONE are being prosecuted.
    I’ve never eaten SQUIRREL.

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