Maxine Waters’ GOP opponent

American Mirror:

Maxine Waters GOP opponent raises more individual contributions: She ‘works for special interests, not voters’.

Maxine Waters’ Republican challenger is calling her out for taking the bulk of her campaign cash from special interests, rather than the voters she’s elected to serve.

Waters, the entrenched incumbent in California’s heavily Democratic 43rd congressional district, has spent the last year on a warpath to impeach President Trump, whom she refers to as “the most despicable, dishonest human being this country’s ever seen.”

During that time, her 2016 Republican challenger, Omar Navarro, has worked to build his following and expand his grassroots fundraising, attracting support from folks like Trump advisor Roger Stone, former presidential candidate Herman Cain, former Maricopa County, Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio, and other notable conservatives.

On Monday, Navarro took aim at Waters on Twitter, calling out the 79-year-old career politician for serving her big donors over the little people in her district.  more

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9 Comments on Maxine Waters’ GOP opponent

  1. If Maxine wasn’t in politics cashing in with her grievance hustle, she’d likely be a major mover of crack in the hood.

  2. He should do some appearances in front of her swanky, out-of-district mansion. Of course, she’ll probably call ICE to come pick him up.

  3. Just string together all her inanities over the years, in a series of 30 second commercials (72,340,315,465,747,843,708,430,567,467,014,361,341,076,701,613,978,856,035 commercials total should just ABOUT cover it), and run them continuously.

    If she doesn’t lose THIS election, by the time they FINISH running… once… she’s bound to lose THAT election… early in the 23rd century! 😳

  4. Mrs. Waters appears to have developed self induced encephalitis due to her constant rants against DJT. She’s obviously dain bramaged and has absolutely no business in congress. Mr. Navarro seems to be the logical replacement. However, this election is in California. Nobody knows what’s going to happen. Let’s see what happens if the illegals are allowed to vote and Navarro wins. The screeching of the harpies will be deafening.

  5. Rush is warning that DemocRATS are winning elections, right now. Special elections. And they are being very quiet about it, so as not to alert the ‘enemy’. Suspected funding by Soris.

    Now is the time to mobilize. Republicans can’t sit on their laurels. Everyone needs to, at the least, vote in every election.


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