Maxine Waters guarantees Biden ‘can’t go home without a black woman being VP’


Is THIS what systemic racism looks like?

California Rep. Maxine Waters declared in an interview this week that presumptive Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden’s vice presidential pick MUST be black, saying in explicit terms, “[H]e can’t go home without a black woman being VP.”

Below are her full remarks to Essence magazine:

“He has certainly committed on the progressive side, we know that we’re going to have a Black woman who is going to be the vice president. … Let me guarantee you this, based on everything that I know and understand, and the help that he’s already gotten from the Black community … he can’t go home without a black woman being VP.”


21 Comments on Maxine Waters guarantees Biden ‘can’t go home without a black woman being VP’

  1. So, in essence, she’s calling for a helper dog black lab to lead him back home when he wanders to the mailbox in his speedo…

  2. BPR –- Is THIS what systemic racism looks like?

    Yes. I’ve been saying this for quite a while: systemic racism is real, it is practiced by govt, and its roots are in the Democratic Party.

  3. So the takeaway is that last week it was Jimbo-Jamba Clyburn’s turn to utter the stupid and now it’s Maxine’s. It’s like a CBC merry-go-round.
    Who could be next I wonder?

  4. I’m hopeful that it will be Kalamity Harris or Benghazi Rice. If Doctor Jill and Dementia Joe put their heads together they will be working with a brain and a quarter, and they might go bold and get kicked right in the peckerheads.

  5. Ah, the Democrat Party VP criteria:
    1. Black
    2. Vagina
    3. Communist

    Hey Maxine, you have already demonstrated that those criteria suck. You are unqualified to run a lemonade stand without corruption and stupidity. Sigh, Democrats are evil.

  6. Is the Abrams tank ready for its release yet? Moose would have to ‘publicly’ give up cashing in, so it’s not her.

  7. If only there was somebody, somebody who preached content of character, character would be the only deciding factor, with race relations.
    I bet that somebody would have a screet named after them, a screet in almost every metropolitan city in America, renamed in honour of that person.
    If there was just one, one who would declare, skin colour was not a deciding factor in success.
    If only.

  8. Whoever joey chooses will piss of some part of the democrap party, if he choose one of the worthless black females to be his VP it’s sure to PO a lot of regular blue collar democraps and if he chooses Gretchen Whitmer from Michigan it will piss off everyone else. He’s damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t. I’m glad that I’m not a friggin left wing loonie. I still say barring any rampant election fraud that Trump may even have a bigger landslide tham when LBJ creamed Barry Goldwater in 64. It’s going to be epic and the democraps are going to be kicking and screaming and throwing a major league hissy fit until Hell freezes over.

  9. Madam Maxine, how much for Uncle Joe to go “Around the World”? He doesn’t have long on this Earth..


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