Maxine Waters Short-Circuits

And it’s fun to watch.

During a recent appearance on MSNBC, Waters wailed about Trump and Russia, and her wires loosened.

14 Comments on Maxine Waters Short-Circuits

  1. You always know exactly what the democrats have done wrong. They display it openly in public pinning blame on republicans. Short circuits are bound to happen while suppressing the truth.

  2. You would think that someone in the democrat party would ask this moron to shut up. Oh wait, we’re talking about the democrats, so never mind.

  3. If Maxi is souting about her “blackness” all the time why a white persons wig. Cultural appropriation?

  4. @Lowell, back atcha:
    Paula Prentiss with the teacups, STEPFORD WIVES: ” I thought we were friends…I thought we were friends…”

  5. If her picture isn’t in the dictionary next to the definition of bat-shit crazy, it should be. There’s no better example. Though there are some close runners up among her fellow demonrats.


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