MAXwell Dumb Hijacks Funeral To Go On a Trump Rant

To be fair, she did have a chorus of cheering morons who don’t have enough class to know that you shouldn’t turn a funeral into a wild-eyed lynch mob.

ht/ annie

20 Comments on MAXwell Dumb Hijacks Funeral To Go On a Trump Rant

  1. I wonder if black women would mind if Maxine and the one marketing her boobs on the internet saying “kill all the whaaaat babies”, were used as examples for the culture they scream needs respect.

  2. I wear my Trump broach everywhere – even to Mass. However, I didn’t wear it to my cousin’s funeral just to be considerate of the occasional lefty attending.

    She’s such an ass.

  3. Imagine for a moment she actually achieved her goals. She would be out of a job. She might be more dense than a collapsed star, but she knows a thing or two about keeping her lifetime political career. All talk, no action. Bark all day, no bite. Big hat, no cattle. Pretentious hateful biter hag. Shit or get off the pot, chicken shit Maxine.

  4. You have to give it to HRC’s lies invention proclivity. She has a Pandora’s Box of lies. Maxine is like a stuck record track.

    Just what is Maxine’s goal, that she so readily and willingly displays her classlessness, ignorance, bigotry, hypocrisy every time she opens her foul mouth? Presidency? What?

    How nice it would be to never hear a report on HRC, Maxine Waters, obama, & etc, again. Let them fade into their obscurity.

  5. Mad Max is providing Republican candidates with a treasure trove of videos as to why voters should reject the democommie party. Keep it up Max. Our most valuable reelection tool, Nancy Pelos, may be headed for the rubber room. Good to know you’re going to fill in for her.

  6. “When I get through with Donald Trump, he’s gonna wish he had been impeached”. How is that not considered a threat against the president? She needs a visit from Secret Service.

  7. This video should be used in the CRIMINAL charge and conviction of Maxine Watters of promoting and admitting to active sedition against the United States of America.

    This is plain, unequivocal evidence.

    Quit fucking around with people like this and remove them right fucking NOW!!!

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