May the Mob Turn Its Face From You and Leave You In Peace

The means by which one escapes eternal SJW damnation is a difficult and trying path. Actually, once aroused, the only way to escape the wrath of the perpetually outraged on social media is to wait them out, like you would a bad thunderstorm on a golf course.

That doesn’t mean one can’t try to prostrate oneself before arbiters of right think and seek redemption. It’s just that the whole blessing of victimhood collapses if any sinner against the current received wisdom of virtuous thought is ever forgiven for their transgression. More

6 Comments on May the Mob Turn Its Face From You and Leave You In Peace

  1. There is no redemption. There is no “waiting it out”. Facebook? banned for life. Twitter? Banned for life. My totally awesome and initially stolen website Evil Conservatives? SHUT DOWN.

    They went after my wife’s job. The only reason I didn’t get fired is because I’m self employed. But yeah, doxxed? you betcha’. Police sent by home for “welfare checks”. yup. Kids harassed? Yessir.

    This is literally the only place I post anything at now. No art, no articles, just a lil’ smarm and I’m on my way.

    SJW’s are hilariously insane. But… like any mindless mob. They get the job done.


    ..and prepare to fight back. You publicly humiliate and bring one of them to heel, they will all take note and back off.

    It’s their strategy, and it works doesn’t it?


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