May The Odds Be Ever In Tedniss’ Favor


via The DailyWire—Street Artists Pepper Boulder CO with Ted Cruz ‘Mockingly’ Posters ahead of the Republican Debate.

Unidentified street artists plastered posters conflating Senator Ted Cruz with the Hunger Games’ “Mockingjay” symbol around the University of Colorado at Boulder in time for his appearance at tonight’s Republican debate.


The posters and stickers which appeared this morning are likely the only pro-candidate activism on a day that promises much more anti-GOP action.

According to The Gazette:

Republicans going to Boulder Wednesday for the fourth GOP presidential debate will be welcomed to the state’s liberal stronghold with protests and a plane circling the city with a banner making a quip about the billionaire Koch brothers.

The actions were likely the work of the same artist or artists who decorated Los Angeles with similar posters and stencils last month for the GOP debate at the Reagan Library and identical stickers that appeared around Washington D.C. last week.


Twitter account “Tedniss” has posted pictures from each location and today included a quote from Christopher Nolan’s Inception: “A single idea from the human mind can build cities. An idea can transform the World and rewrite all the rules.”


Heh. Most people I know would definitely declare that the evil “Capital’ that Katniss is fighting against in the Hunger Games represents the Republicans/Right- not their beloved Socialist/Left.


11 Comments on May The Odds Be Ever In Tedniss’ Favor

  1. Pro. I was in DC last week and darn it I didn’t see any ‘Tedniss’ stickers. I did see the Declaration of Independence though! 🙂

  2. Ted needs to loosen up tonight. Some humor would help, too.

    I like him, but he’s been way wonky in these debates thus far.

  3. Just thinking out loud, but nobody in Washington wants Cruz to be president. I imagine if he ever is elected, he will meet the same fate as JFK at the hands of the elected criminals who wish the corruption of our government to go on forever.

  4. I don’t know anything about the Hunger Games, but that’s good to see in Boulder if that’s pro-Ted. I used to live on the other side of that parking garage in the top pic. Nice view of the Flatirons. That town is infested with libtards and dopers.

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