May was the second wettest month in US history

Global Moistening?

American Thinker: The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration reported the month of May was the second wettest, and temperatures were in the bottom third for 125-year U.S. history.

The 2010 publication, titled “A Global Overview Of Drought and Heat-Induced Tree Mortality Reveals Emerging Climate Change Risks for Forests” was accepted by the Obama administration as scientific evidence that climate change had made the Earth “increasingly vulnerable to higher background tree mortality rates and die-off in response to future warming and drought, even in environments that are not normally considered water-limited.”

But NOAA just reported that May U.S. precipitation totaled an average of 4.41 inches, 1.50 inches above average, and ranked second wettest in the 125-year period of record for May as well as second wettest for all months since January 1895.  The only wetter month in U.S. history was May 2015 with 4.44 inches of precipitation. 

The 37.68 inches of precipitation across the contiguous U.S. from June 2018 to May 2019 shattered the previous 1982–83 12-month period by 1.48 inches.  Near-record to record precipitation was observed from the West Coast through the central Plains and into the Great Lakes and parts of the Northeast.

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  1. I put NOAA right up there with Snopes for reliability …They’ve

    been caught “Fudging” Temps 8 times…

  2. It was their turn. Last year Virginia got 6 feet of rain. It sucked.
    Didja know weather is cyclical? That climate changes, regularly?

    How great is it to be a meteorologist? You can be wrong ALL THE TIME and the next day you’re still a….

    And talk about a high falutin title. Anything that strikes the earth is a meteor? If the origin of objects hitting earth are within earth’s gravitational pull, it’s not a meteor. Get over yourselves. It’s a closed, perpetual system.
    A meteor is a foreign object that enters our atmosphere.
    And you call yourselves ‘scientists’. HA!

  3. Now all they will do is point to May 2019 with 37.68 inches and assume that’s normal rainfall. The next 12 years will be compared to May that climate change via drought is scientifically proven. BTW, I’ve recently heard from other lefties that we have 20 or 60 or 80 years left – Why are these people talking out of line? They are clearly deniers. We have 12 years, knowledge herself has spoken.

  4. Order “Get Smart” to shut down the “KAOS” weather machine. America doesn’t need more rain. Turn HARRP off!

    Crops Devastated As More Ferocious Storms Pound The Midwest – “It’s Hard To Get Your Head Around Just How Bad It Is”
    Michael Snyder
    End of The American Dream
    June 27, 2019
    “It has gotten to the point where maybe we should just expect violent storms to hammer the Midwest every single day of the week.

    Highly destructive storms ripped through the Midwest on Tuesday, it happened again on Wednesday, and the forecast calls for more powerful storms on Thursday. This growing season has been a complete and utter nightmare for U.S. farmers, and each day it just gets even worse. Millions of acres will not be planted at all this year, but an even bigger problem is that fact that crops are dramatically failing on tens of millions of acres that were actually planted in time. Every major storm does even more damage, and that is why what we have witnessed so far this week has been so alarming.”

  5. I blame mankind. The sooner mankind takes an exit, the earth will be a better place. Strange how the climate fear mongers never mention eliminating the primary cause, mankind, and only focus on having all mankind pay them money to work on some fuzzy alternate solution. I like Noah’s ark, tried and proven idea myself.

  6. “They” certainly don’t understand where their hamburgers come from. The hamburgers aren’t grown in Petri dishes. It’s an animal that is conceived and grown in a mother animal.

    They want me dead, but I simply sell you G-d’s increase. You don’t want to do it yourself because it’s unsavory. Where do your eggs come from? G-d. Where does your bacon come from? G-d.

    How do you think you get this bounty you see at the Walmart? We burn petrol and diesel. Would you rather we whipped the horses?

    Fucking hypocrites.

    I do the dirty deeds you have no balls to accomplish. Fuck you.

  7. the exact same month I had to switch to Depends …. coincidence? … I think not!

    the ‘Climate Change’ generation has gotten their panties in such a wad that they’ve convinced themselves that normal changes in seasonal weather is a catastrophe due to the fact that they may have to shovel snow in their driveways during the winter & the grass is browning in the summer


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