Maybe Obama can go back to being an ex-president

AT: In case you missed it, former President Obama broke tradition and really got partisan in 2018.  I don’t remember any president doing that.  We have two former presidents in Texas and they stay out of politics altogether.

On election night, I made it a point to follow those races and see about the Obama factor.  In terms of votes, Obama was not much of a factor.

It’s obvious to any Democrat that inviting Obama will add little to your chances to win elections.

It’s obvious because the voters are seeing the economy and comparing it with President Obama.  Take a look at what they are projecting for the Christmas season:

Christmas holiday retail sales in the U.S. are expected to climb above the $1 trillion mark for the first time this year, on the back of low unemployment, solid income growth and higher consumer confidence, according to a study released Tuesday.


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  1. He had 8 years to build a good legacy, he failed in all regards.

    Now he’s on the stump telling lies of how good he was.

    He will always be over-shadowed by racism, division, incompetency, corruption, using government to spy on Americans, obamacare, Libya, Yemen, Benghazi, supporting and arming terrorists, $Billions to Iran, and thwarting the Constitution.
    No amount of his lies will change the truth.

  2. you know, harvey weinstein was obamas oldest daughters boss a couple of years ago. i wonder if he had the please of having her watch him take a shower? probably.
    which leads me to think that the obamas have been acting odd and shaken since the whole weinstein thing came to light, almost like something probably did happen and this is why harvey is in the situation he is in.
    sad. harvey should’ve been made to disappear years ago, but that’s the way hollywood and washington are.
    butt, all is not lost, now the obamas have a new boss, george soros. so it’s all good now.

  3. ” We have two former presidents in Texas and they stay out of politics altogether.”
    Uh, not quite. W has been extremely critical of President Trump, both before and after his election.

  4. I am really beginning to love the term “ex-“, as in “EX-president Obama”, “EX-Secretary of State Clinton”, and “EX-Attorneys General Holder and Sessions”.

    I think it all started with my ex-wife.

  5. It was comical to watch when he went to candidates rally’s and climbed the steps to the lectern with that cocky walk and did nothing but spend the time talking about himself. Something he never seems to grow tired of doing.


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