Maybe They Don’t Have Your Number – IOTW Report

Maybe They Don’t Have Your Number

It’s Petty Tuesday (Yeah, I know it ain’t Tuesday). Come on in!

Ukraine gets 4 Billion.
Oakland gets homeless.
Vaccine deaths.
He’s hangry!
Dawn LeMawn.
Put them away, San Francisco!
And more

5 Comments on Maybe They Don’t Have Your Number

  1. “You need some sense up in your forehead!” 😂 She makes me laugh. I’m trying to figure out what she means by petty! Is it petty of her/us to point out their stupid sh*t? No! 🤷‍♀️

  2. When she talks it is a pleasant voice I could listen to.
    When she’s yelling, it grates against me.
    I couldn’t continue regardless if the content.

  3. Yep, cato I forwarded to the actual start of the show and lasted about a minute.

  4. Too much gum-chewing Blattitude for me!
    Can’t hear the message for the ‘tude, dood!

  5. She’s awesome. She’s presenting fact and backing them up and reaches an audience that probably doesn’t here the conservative message.


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