Maybe They Don’t Have Your Number – IOTW Report

Maybe They Don’t Have Your Number

It’s Petty Tuesday (Yeah, I know it ain’t Tuesday). Come on in!

Ukraine gets 4 Billion.
Oakland gets homeless.
Vaccine deaths.
He’s hangry!
Dawn LeMawn.
Put them away, San Francisco!
And more

6 Comments on Maybe They Don’t Have Your Number

  1. “You need some sense up in your forehead!” 😂 She makes me laugh. I’m trying to figure out what she means by petty! Is it petty of her/us to point out their stupid sh*t? No! 🤷‍♀️

  2. When she talks it is a pleasant voice I could listen to.
    When she’s yelling, it grates against me.
    I couldn’t continue regardless if the content.

  3. She’s awesome. She’s presenting fact and backing them up and reaches an audience that probably doesn’t here the conservative message.

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