‘Maybe They’re Just Bad People’ – Says NYT columnist about Trump supporters

NYT Columnist Demeans and Insults Those She Can’t Understand.  In what can only be described as the shallowest of opinion hit-pieces, columnist Michelle Goldberg used two examples of political turncoats to characterize all Trump supporters as being self-serving opportunists.  More


15 Comments on ‘Maybe They’re Just Bad People’ – Says NYT columnist about Trump supporters

  1. I guess it all depends on your point of view. If your an open border Socialist, Jew Hating, Muzzy Loving, Gun Hating, Anti Christian, Cuck piece of shit, then yes, we are bad people.

  2. That’s just fine by me. They can think what they want but the cold, stark reality might just be a wee bit different.
    Make me the boogie man of your nightmares. You’ve already made me racistsexisthomophobicandothershit.
    I’m good with this.
    Got preps?
    What have you done today to make yourself better?

  3. They never, you know, actually try to learn about those they don’t understand. They just imagine that we are somehow misinformed, as they don’t bother to inform themselves.

  4. Unslung Hero November 28, 2018 at 5:29 pm

    C’mon now. She’ll call herself a leftist or Antifa before she calls herself a Jew. It’s not about being a Jew, its about being a stupid leftist wretch that listened to her communist parents and can’t change. However, I will agree that too many Jews are on the dark side. That has got to change.

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