Maybe This an Endorsement For Interracial Sex? -UPDATE

There was something a little bit odd about this clip, especially the last girl. It looked unnatural. Now I know why. They are not really saying the phrase you think they are saying. They’ve been told to say a different phrase that translates into “f**k n*****s” when played backwards.



I’m continually amazed that people still do not know what’s going to get them in hot water and go ahead and do the stupid thing anyway.

We still have teachers that go after the students sexually even though we’ve seen about a thousand of them go to jail.

We still see people lose their jobs for saying stupid stuff on Facebook.

We even have some people who think it was a great idea for kids to paint a horse. (ht/ the big owe)

And then we have these not so smart gals using some bad words. (Am I on the fainting couch? No. Just amazed that they think this is going to go well for them.)

Post from sister of one of the cheerleaders who is having her life destroyed online-


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  1. Near my grandmas farm when I was a child there was a guy who had a black horse and ever spring he would whitewash it to look like a zebra.
    Long winters in SE North Dakota caused that though so he had a valid excuse

  2. These girls said the word that shall not be spoken by white people. Now they will be hounded. Their young lives destroyed. One or two suicides will happen. PC will not be denied.

  3. As stupid as they were, I’d like to see some dox-ish backlash/karma returned to the jerks who called for their social media and personal info to report/destroy them.

    SO, you’re offended. That, and $1.25 will getcha a cup of coffee.
    Grow up. Shut up. F Off!

  4. Mass hysteria about a word. Teens just doing something reckless and stupid as teens rend to do at times. Does anyone go into meltdown when blacks do the same? The reaction is way out of proportion to the act.

  5. Yes, it’s a shame that white people get in trouble for saying that one word while black people can pepper it throughout a rap album and still win a Grammy for doing so. But there are tens of thousands of words in our language. My “right” to say that one word is not a hill I’m willing to die on.

  6. I wish there was some other place or way to play Twitter videos. Every time I try to access them, I get “The media could not be played”, so I miss a lot of content on IOTWR posts.

    From the comments I’m guessing they said the n-word, though.

  7. I didn’t get to hear the clip forwards, only backwards so I was forced to hear racism. Played forward, I’d probably have no clue, just as the girls who said it had no clue. Like when someone says, “The n-word.” Now I’ve been forced to say the word in my head so I know what you’re talking about. Whoever remixed the video to play backwards and re-post it finds and spreads racism where it didn’t previously exist.

  8. They’re a car load of teens acting stupid or silly however you want to look at it. Not the first time a group of teens have acted that way and won’t be the last. Now though they will have their lives threatened and their worlds put on hold for a long time. Is it stupid in this day and time to do it and put it on social media, yes. However in my opinion it’s more stupid what is going to be done to them.

    If the roles were reversed and it was a group of black teens saying “f… crackers,” nobody would care. I know because I see people sharing videos on FB of black teens all the time saying they hate whites, want to kill whites and besides a few white people who are disgusted and comment, they go on with their lives without being hounded by the media or receiving death threats or having to say how sorry they are.

  9. All white people are racist by the cultural marxists’ definition. And furthermore they can’t help it because it is inherent in their nature. If that is the case then white people can’t help it and are NOT HELD ACCOUNTABLE. So therefore – – NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER. FUCK NIGGERS. Besides hurting someone’s sensibilities what harm was there? Did I physically assault someone? Murder someone? Steal from someone? Commit slander against someone? These are far greater offenses and somehow we have let the social justice warriors preempt the importance of these in favor of “racism”. Since we are all racist then racism is actually no big deal. Time to get over being cowed by the commies. Fuck them.

  10. One of these days when I feel more like typing I’ll tell you the story of one of the stupid, racist, dangerous things some of the guys in my circle of juvenile delinqu- uh, I mean, -friends did in high school. It makes this prank pale into insignificance by comparison.

    It’s a wonder any of us survived those years.

    Teenagers don’t have a lick of sense, and they shouldn’t be held to adult standards. At one time, Society recognized this.

  11. Kids have an irrisistable urge to throw rocks at hornets nests too. It’s the excitement and danger that posesses them to do so. No more than the reckless behavior of youth.

  12. It’s painfully obvious on even a causal viewing of this video that it’s been reversed. Anyone who didn’t catch that should sign up to be an extra for the sequel of Idiocracy.

  13. Okay, maybe it’s time for this story…

    A buddy of mine went to college in Quincy, IL (late sixties) and had a neighbor who named his black Labrador retriever “Nigger.” Delighted in going outside his home calling for the dog repeatedly. “Here N, N, N. Here N, N, N. Wonder what these days would have for reaction as then it was either ignored or laughed at.

    I on the other hand went to SIU where there were obviously no problems, especially around Halloween.

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