Mayhem Expected Over Gorsuch Nomination

(Can we simply dispense with the coming “Gorsucks” nickname?)

Common Dreams- Message To Dems: Block Neil Gorsuch Nomination ‘Using All Available Means.’

President Trump’s pick for U.S. Supreme Court called ‘extreme’ and ‘disastrous.’

President Donald Trump has nominated federal judge Neil Gorsuch to fill the empty seat on the U.S. Supreme Court. Lawmakers and advocacy groups immediately announced the choice and vowed to oppose his nomination.

Update, 8:10pm EST:

President Donald Trump has nominated Judge Neil Gorsuch to fill the empty seat on the U.S. Supreme Court.

In accepting the nomination at the podium in the White House, Colorado federal appeals court judge Gorsuch called the late Justice Antonin Scalia “a lion of the law.” Indeed, many have noted that Gorsuch follows in Scalia’s footsteps; of all the potential justices scored on the Washington Post‘s “Scalia scale,” Gorsuch scored highest.

Democrats in Congress and progressive advocacy groups—incensed that the Republican-led Senate never acted on former President Barack Obama’s nominee Merrick Garland—have vowed to fight Trump’s pick.

Once Gorsuch’s name emerged, those cries grew louder.

César J. Blanco, political director of the Latino Victory Project, said “Gorsuch’s track record on women’s reproductive rights and issues of discrimination and police brutality suggests he doesn’t have all of our interests in mind nor that he could be independent of advancing Trump’s agenda and saying no to him once he goes too far.

“The radical actions taken so far by the president—including his discriminatory executive order on refugees and immigrants—make clear that the next justice to the Supreme Court must be willing to serve as a check on extremist and unconstitutional policies that undermine our system of self-governance and our justice system,” Blanco continued. “Republicans have been rewarded for their obstructionism and refusal to confirm Judge Garland. It is a sad day in our democracy, and Republicans celebrating the success of their obstructionism should be ashamed of themselves.”

Annie Leonard, executive director of Greenpeace, said the choice proved the Trump administration and Republican lawmakers have their “priorities backward” when it comes to serving the American people.

“Empowered by spineless Congressional Republicans and an incompetent and malicious Trump administration,” said Leonard, Gorsuch “could inflict serious damage to people in this country. Since the Trump administration has made it clear it will only make America great for corporate interests, everyday Americans must now work harder than ever with the growing resistance movements and their allies in Congress and the courts to actually make America great for all of us.”

Democrats in the Senate, added Leonard, “can rest assured that they will have the support of the people in filibustering this appointment.”


30 Comments on Mayhem Expected Over Gorsuch Nomination

  1. Again, McConnell needs to pull the Nuclear option now. Harry the Human Punching Bag had no problem doing it to conservatives.

  2. Minutes after the announcement, Nancy Puloski was on a CNN “Townhall” assassinating Gorsuch’s character. He hates women, he hates minorities, and he hates handicapped children!!!!

  3. On another note, it was nice to to see the narcissist president hand over the world to the guy and his wife he nominated and let them have them final say.

    pretty cool, wasn’t it?

  4. The only show that I see is Sean hannity,tucker Carlson,judge Jeanine .
    Fox business all love Lou dobbs and Charles Payne trish regan the rest I refuse to see I put channel HGTV

  5. Love it. The more hell they raise the better.

    This can sit and fester for a few months to take the focus off the 50% cut to the EPA that’s coming

  6. Tony R tucker Carlson is taking it to the illegal immigrants that works for CNN and is here illegally since each 12 .he needs to be deported

  7. I get a kick out of these arrogant spokesvermin telling us Mundanes that Gorsuch doesn’t represent the American people. They must be thinking about those American people who just elected H-Rod to be president, right?

  8. The nomination process runs through the Senate. The grumblemeisters who are all in a dither are either lefty groups or Congress critters. Having leftist Supreme Court justices is vital to them since they can’t seem to convince most legislatures to see things their way and they rely on end runs around elected officials.

  9. So… they shoot their wad trying to block this nominee? Or the next one when Ruth Buzzie Ginsburg kicks the bucket?

  10. The screaming tantrum is identical to that of the 2 year old in the grocery checkout aisle rolling past the candy. There there there. Grownups know best.

    And you’ve got a loaded diaper.

  11. damnacrats gotta damn.

    wait’l that old witch ginsberg croaks. sihttle hit the wind powered generator then

  12. I don’t know.
    Harvard Law and I read he is thought
    to be “generally supportive of
    gun rights”. That damns him with
    faint praise in my view.

  13. Mitch has some incentive to pull the Nuclear Option now as Schumer voted no on endorsement for McConnell’s wife, Elaine Chao.

  14. I suspect the left murdered Scalia in order to have control of the SCOTUS in the event of an election fight. Scalia’s body was whisked away to cremation without autopsy, so it’s highly questionable we will ever be able to solve the crime. It is a great pleasure to see the Demoscum won’t be able to steal Scalia’s seat. Their treachery has failed them.

  15. the constitution does not recognize any persons color, social status or sexual preferences.

    neither should any judges.

    funny the constitution isn’t bigoted, racist or sexist, so how can a constitutionalist judge be any of those things.

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