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Mayor Beetlejuice throws a major fit

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  1. She represents Chicago perfectly. She’s suffering from lead poisoning from drinking lead contaminated water her entire life, just like many others living there. Lead poisoning makes people crazy and stupid.

  2. Notice that she (?) doesn’t counter with facts?
    Only invective and the pretense of being offended.
    Its effort is to silence the opposition – not to debate the issue – it refuses to offer supporting evidence.
    (of course, this is just a small part of the greater picture)

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  3. That place the mega-ugly creature squats over is a disgusting violent dump with NO tourists at all. Two families I know of have since dumped the dung heap. Inform your family and friends out of state NOT to travel anywhere in Chicago, California, Delaware, New York, New Jersey and numerous other cities and states. If they do they’ll be up for violent grabs. This Beetlejuice-lookin woman is a blatant liar.

  4. The little dictator shall not be contradicted!!!!

    The Dems are behaving like all the dystopian movies ever made.
    From this one behaving like no one should be allowed to criticize her to Zuck’s metaverse horrors to WEF and Obiden wanting to put a one world govt.

  5. How dare citizens oppose Mayor Beetlejuice! Above posters are right: angry dyke with a short fuse – no wonder Chicago has such a high shooter rare; I’d shoot, too, if I had to listen to that bitch.

  6. I’m just shocked that we don’t have to scroll down through a slough of repulsive adds before getting to the comments. Wut happen?

  7. Zonga
    MAY 28, 2022 AT 8:09 AM
    “why are they wearing masks?”

    …in HER case, it’s to be encouraged…

  8. Jorel Lazer, that’s why it’s such a joke that open borders proponents keep saying we need workers and the Africans want to work. That’s the excuse here in ME.
    With their iq so low who’s going to hire them?
    Not that they want to work. If you talk to them they tell you they came here because Joe Biden and as they call her, Mrs Mills, told them everything would be free.

  9. It appears now that she/he’s douche water has not been changed in a long time and is now not only rancid but acidic, probably has already eaten up her vag and is working it’s way up to her 65 left brain cells.

  10. The chicago democrat machine has nurtured this type of leadership.
    Chicago is deserving of the incompetence and crime they voted for.
    The Mafia ran a better government than the democrats.

  11. @Zonga May 28, 2022 at 8:09 am

    > why are they wearing masks?

    Cause the banks are out of money.

  12. William J. Kelly is the ONLY actual journalist in the otherwise water carrying media during her press conferences.

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