Mayor Jacob Frey of Minneapolis must resign

BPR-  Drew Lee:

On November 7, 2017, Jacob Frey won the mayoral race in Minneapolis, bolstered in large part by a strong push for police reform in the wake of the Justine Damond shooting by a Minneapolis police officer. He quickly appointed Medaria Arrandondo as chief and worked to institute new body camera policies, and restore some degree of trust between the department and the communities it serves. After decades of distrust, strained relations, and high profile scandals, even Frey’s detractors were willing to give him a clean slate and proceed with optimism. 

Any progress that has been made since that election was torched last week, both literally and figuratively. The entire world has witnessed the destruction of one of America’s largest cities by opportunistic and organized criminals, and watched as they met little to no resistance as they destroyed police precincts, gas stations, supermarkets, banks, and libraries. On Friday morning, Mayor Frey told us that the mayhem was ‘unacceptable’ but on Friday night more buildings burned and more livelihoods were lost. 

We all value our First Amendment right to protest, and rational people can certainly differentiate between genuine peaceful protestors and bad actors looking to take advantage of chaotic situations, but apparently Mayor Frey didn’t trust law enforcement to be able to make those distinctions when he instructed the police to treat the protests with a gentle hand. It became abundantly clear by Wednesday night that there were scores of people who weren’t interested in fighting for justice for George Floyd but rather seemed intent on causing destruction and mayhem for reasons that are difficult to comprehend. Mayor Frey had a choice to make at that moment – enforce the laws while making every effort to protect the real protestors, or become an enabler to the destruction of his city.  read more

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  1. Mayors top priority is to provide safety law and order. He failed miserably when the city needed it most. Minnesota has some of the nations worst elected officials.

  2. They killed people by locking up innocent, healthy citizens.

    Now they’re killing people by kowtowing to the rioters.

    It seems they really don’t do anything much but kill people.

  3. No, don’t resign! Keep your leftist policies intact and let the rioters destroy this liberal hellhole. Let God’s punishment reign down upon you evil liberal bastards and everybody that voted for you.

  4. Again I ask: Where are all of those pumped-up paramilitary police forces with their big guns, armored trucks and helicopter-rappelling tough guys? Was it just a paranoid conspiracy theory? Or are they waiting for us Deplorables to deploy in force?

  5. The job of the police is not to protect the citizens or their property. The Supreme Court has twice ruled to this effect. The police are hired to enforce the dictates of the state and to protect the State’s interests.

    Each time there is an “incident” we hear that what the officer did goes against their training, blah, blah, blah. But since the first action of the cop is to do what he did, and since his buddies either stand around watching or help him, I can’t help but to feel that is how they were trained: Overwhelming force against anyone who dares to question or disobey their authority.

    The same Rules of Engagement that apply to US soldiers in combat zones should apply to our police departments. But they don’t.

    The “Protect & Serve” mantra of CHiPs and other ’70s shows went out the window in the early ’80s when the police unions became a political force of their own.

  6. If you’re gonna let the city burn might I recommend it starts in the muzzie neighborhoods first?

  7. Why bother to replace this leftist loser who’s in way over his heads? The media in that area will promote someone just as bad, if not worse.

  8. He should be dragged out and hanged – till he turns blue – then have his heart cut out while it still beats – and shoved into his mouth.
    (this is the cleaned-up version – and I mean it in the nicest sort of way)
    (or call it a joke)

    izlamo delenda est …

  9. The Liberals, Socialists and Democrats (LSD’s) are BIG of using “RECALL” to over turn voter chooses.

    So start the RECALL Petition.

  10. Guilty of treason and murder, and should lose his job?
    That passes for justice?

    Just so long as he keeps his pension, huh?

    izlamo delenda est …


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