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Mayor Lightfoot Wants MORE Illegals Sent To Chicago

Let’s see how long that lasts.

Just The News: Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot on Thursday extended an additional welcome to illegal immigrants being bussed to her city from Texas, doubling down on earlier statements that indicated strong support for the migrants being sent there by Texas officials. 

“I’m happy to take and drain Texas of all of its residents,” Lightfoot said of the migrants at a press conference. “I wouldn’t want to live in a state with a governor like that.”

“And we’ll rent the buses next time to bring ‘em here,” she added, referring to the busses commissioned by Texas state officials to drive the illegal immigrants to Chicago. 

Lightfoot had earlier claimed that the illegal immigrant bussing program commissioned by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott was “a stain on the nation.” MORE

18 Comments on Mayor Lightfoot Wants MORE Illegals Sent To Chicago

  1. Great. Now Texas can send her 50 bus caravans on a daily basis. With Shittycago already being a bankrupt city, she’ hoping Biden will give her a trillion in freshly printed money that doesn’t have to be repaid for bringing all those ILLEGALS there.

  2. Why waste money on expensive greenhouse gas spewing busses when you could just load them up in cattle cars and send them by train! That worked really well for the Germans.

  3. HAhahhah! Moron.

    When I capture wild animals I am sometimes asked if I am going to let them go someplace else.

    Well, where is this place that I and my 500 fellow trappers in the area can release them, with permission, but without consequences at some point. I can’t just cause some unknown person so I ask if they would like me to put it on their land, which is legally acceptable – except for the skunks.

    I had one real estate management married couple take one raccoon out to their country vacation home when I asked them that.

    That was on a Friday and I told their secretary there will be a moment when they realize they can’t keep doing that.

    On Monday I had another raccoon from the same property and asked if they wanted to release it on their property also.

    “NOO! We went out to check on it about 10:30 that night and counted 23 raccoons raiding the community trash dumpster. We think it’s irresponsible to add to that!”

    I turned to the secretary – ‘That was quicker than I thought.’

    IF they had told me it their place was in a townhouse-like community I would have told them not to do it. I imagined it was a singular place with acreage of open land around it.

    Like all extreme leftists, the mayor is a moron with no foresight of her coming consequences.

    Stupid should hurt and this will hurt her.

  4. UglyFoot trying to hide her/its previous bellyaching of “too many” illegal interlopers in that disgusting filth-infested major-violent city. Eat it all, UglyFoot.

  5. EVERY governor should start sending the imported rat-people to Chicago – and empty the prisons at the same time.

    See ya, and raise! (if that’s the proper terminology – I don’t play poker)

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  6. “I wouldn’t want to live in a state with a governor like that.” I guess it’s a good thing Illinois doesn’t have a long, sordid history of corrupt governors.


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