Mayor of Memphis, A C Wharton, Wants To Dig Up the Grave of Confederate Lt. General Nathan Bedford Forrest – IOTW Report

Mayor of Memphis, A C Wharton, Wants To Dig Up the Grave of Confederate Lt. General Nathan Bedford Forrest

“I despise whatever the Confederacy stood for… This is not just an ordinary monument. This is a monument to a man who was the avowed founder of the organization that has as its purpose the intimidation, the oppression of black folks.”

I’m not going to take the word of a salivating leftist who can smell blood in the water and who feels as if he can decree anything at this point. So I went and researched the general.

It’s as if Forrest is speaking from the grave directly at the honorable A C Wharton–

Speech before the Pole-Bearers Association (1875) (His Last Formal Public Appearance.)

“Ladies and Gentlemen I accept the flowers as a memento of reconciliation between the white and colored races of the southern states. I accept it more particularly as it comes from a colored lady, for if there is any one on God’s earth who loves the ladies I believe it is myself. ( Immense applause and laughter.) This day is a day that is proud to me, having occupied the position that I did for the past twelve years, and been misunderstood by your race. This is the first opportunity I have had during that time to say that I am your friend. I am here a representative of the southern people, one more slandered and maligned than any man in the nation.
I will say to you and to the colored race that men who bore arms and followed the flag of the Confederacy are, with very few exceptions, your friends. I have an opportunity of saying what I have always felt – that I am your friend, for my interests are your interests, and your interests are my interests. We were born on the same soil, breathe the same air, and live in the same land. Why, then, can we not live as brothers? I will say that when the war broke out I felt it my duty to stand by my people. When the time came I did the best I could, and I don’t believe I flickered. I came here with the jeers of some white people, who think that I am doing wrong. I believe that I can exert some influence, and do much to assist the people in strengthening fraternal relations, and shall do all in my power to bring about peace. It has always been my motto to elevate every man- to depress none. (Applause.) I want to elevate you to take positions in law offices, in stores, on farms, and wherever you are capable of going.
I have not said anything about politics today. I don’t propose to say anything about politics. You have a right to elect whom you please; vote for the man you think best, and I think, when that is done, that you and I are freemen. Do as you consider right and honest in electing men for office. I did not come here to make you a long speech, although invited to do so by you. I am not much of a speaker, and my business prevented me from preparing myself. I came to meet you as friends, and welcome you to the white people. I want you to come nearer to us. When I can serve you I will do so. We have but one flag, one country; let us stand together. We may differ in color, but not in sentiment. Use your best judgement in selecting men for office and vote as you think right.
Many things have been said about me which are wrong, and which white and black persons here, who stood by me through the war, can contradict. I have been in the heat of battle when colored men, asked me to protect them. I have placed myself between them and the bullets of my men, and told them they should be kept unharmed. Go to work, be industrious, live honestly and act truly, and when you are oppressed I’ll come to your relief. I thank you, ladies and gentlemen, for this opportunity you have afforded me to be with you, and to assure you that I am with you in heart and in hand.” (Prolonged applause.):


More quotes-

“Civil war, such as you have just passed through naturally engenders feelings of animosity, hatred, and revenge. It is our duty to divest ourselves of all such feelings; and as far as it is in our power to do so, to cultivate friendly feelings towards those with whom we have so long contended, and heretofore so widely, but honestly, differed. Neighborhood feuds, personal animosities, and private differences should be blotted out; and, when you return home, a manly, straightforward course of conduct will secure the respect of your enemies. Whatever your responsibilities may be to Government, to society, or to individuals meet them like men.”

“The attempt made to establish a separate and independent Confederation has failed; but the consciousness of having done your duty faithfully, and to the end, will, in some measure, repay for the hardships you have undergone. In bidding you farewell, rest assured that you carry with you my best wishes for your future welfare and happiness. Without, in any way, referring to the merits of the Cause in which we have been engaged, your courage and determination, as exhibited on many hard-fought fields, has elicited the respect and admiration of friend and foe. And I now cheerfully and gratefully acknowledge my indebtedness to the officers and men of my command whose zeal, fidelity and unflinching bravery have been the great source of my past success in arms.”

He sounds like a dick. Let’s dig him up and kill him again.

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20 Comments on Mayor of Memphis, A C Wharton, Wants To Dig Up the Grave of Confederate Lt. General Nathan Bedford Forrest

  1. From the dictionary:




    An evil spirit or phantom, especially
    one supposed to rob graves and feed
    on dead bodies.

    If the shoe fits…

  2. What’s he going to do with the body?
    Why arn’t people from the south up in arms about this
    PC shit.

  3. I saw this quote today:

    The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.
    -George Orwell

    Sorry if a fellow IOTWers posted that already today. I spent about a half hour on my Facebook newsfeed wading thru the Flag waving posts (rainbow and Confederate). Wow. So much hate from the “smartest and most tolerant” people in the world. People I know and those I don’t. Just…wow.

    So, I came here. 🙂

  4. Isn’t there some quote about remembering the past or your doomed to repeat it.
    That’s the point of these memorials.
    People who were Democrats had slaves….republicans set them free.
    Why are blacks democrats. Are they that fuckin stupid.

  5. Using their criteria, most of the flags flying over the useless UN need to come down. Will they push for that?

    We are being kicked around by ignorant, moronic pussies.

  6. Whatever you may think of Forrest, he was a great warrior. We would (or should) welcome his fighting spirit as a General in our current Army.

  7. Not necessarily there old Hoss. I’ve tried to be “respectful” of my neighbors’ “sensitivities” even though I know all that really means is enabling their continued ignorance at best, or justifying or verifying the lies and brainwashing they’ve been fed their whole lives at worst. (although truthfully, I’ve really only restrained my Confederate Patriotism to pacify my “purdy little blonde from above and beyond” because she unfortunately worries more about what other people (strangers, acquaintances, insignificant fucks in the grand scheme of things) might think of her, than the man she already knows would kill or die for her smile)
    But it’s getting harder to look at myself in the mirror with each passing day and its outrages, injustices and usurpations! I mean talk about Intellectual Frog Legs… I don’t know bout yall, but the water in this pot is getting awful hot!!

  8. Memphis has turned into one of the worst urban ghetto thug shitholes-maybe he should look around him(or take a night time walk) before he starts throwing stones.

    Elvis would be ashamed

  9. As a frequent traveler of the area loosely described as the ‘city’ of Memphis, I can tell you that the Mayor has a LOT more important things to worry about than NBF’s final resting place.

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