Mayor Of Tulsa Declares Emergency Curfew Around Rally Venue – IOTW Report

Mayor Of Tulsa Declares Emergency Curfew Around Rally Venue


Tulsa Oklahoma Mayor G.T. Bynum has declared a “civil emergency” and signed an executive order (outlined below) creating an immediate curfew and locking-down a six block area in and around the BOK Center venue for the Trump rally in the city. Any MAGA rally attendee who does not immediately vacate the area is subject to arrest. More

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  1. This is getting tiresome. It’s now so transparent, no one can reasonably deny what’s going on.

  2. This guy is so transparent. He’s like a drunk. Thinks he’s fooling everyone but the only one who believes the crap coming out of his mouth is him.

  3. “Six square blocks”…That rings a bell, for some reason. I hope the Secret Service is clearing the area of antifa weapons caches and brick pallets. Lord knows the local cops and FBI aren’t checking jack shit. Stay safe patriots. The thug gauntlets are back and the cops will let them have their way with you. Push back hard this time.

  4. The only riot cops on hand tonite will be the ones that checked yes to the question, “would you wood shampoo your own grandma?”.

  5. This Mayor is just giving Trump the middle finger, but in the end Trump will win the day. I can’t wait for the rally, Trump is gonna rock the place. 🇺🇸

  6. Hold on, guys. The EO imposes curfew from now until 6:00AM Saturday morning, then it resumes the curfew after the rally has concluded until 6:00 Sunday morning. From what I read in the EO, nothing is preventing the rally from being held.

    Additionally, the six block perimeter creates what is functionally a much larger venue that can accommodate many more people than the BOK Center’s paltry 19,000 capacity can provide.

    Forgive me for failing to see the dealbreaker here.

  7. If you’re confused by the mayors actions please look at his signature on the curfew order.

    Dudes a crack baby from retarded parents.

  8. Only an idiot would attempt to shut down this President. The traitors are afraid the President is going to reveal some ugly truths they don’t want revealed at this rally! I can’t wait to see it!


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