Mayor Pete And The Rise Of The “Progressive” Church

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The term progressive Christian represents a broad collection, ranging from moderates who claim belief in an “authoritative” Bible yet dismiss passages they deem as stumbling blocks, to liberals who barely believe in God. 

The common thread among progressive Christians is not politics—despite much commonality with left-wing political views—but a postmodern theology that shuns certainty and celebrates mystery for its own sake. A belief statement at, for example, speaks of finding “grace in the search for understanding,” and adds, “[we] believe there is more value in questioning than in absolutes…”

…Michael Brown, host of the syndicated “Line of Fire” radio program and president of the FIRE School of Ministry in Concord, North Carolina, says the progressive version of Christianity essentially becomes a different gospel. Many young people are attracted to its social justice emphasis because they see real prejudices and biases and “they have a heart of solidarity for those who seem marginalized and outcast.”

“That’s a positive,” Brown says. “The negative is that they are often throwing out the baby with the bath water. They are forgetting the real liberating truths of the Gospel. And in many cases the biggest problem is that we haven’t been preaching a really strong Gospel message in our churches for years.” More

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  1. And it came to pass,they were spit out
    and cast into the smoldering BOTTOMLESS pit…

  2. Pride goeth before the fall. We are not going to make them fall, the Triune God who has made us all will Judge them at the appropriate time. It will not be in concert with our desires but when seem from the proper perspective it happened when it was needed to happen… I liken it to Trump becoming POTUS.

  3. Gee Wally, I’ll bet their their brass candle snuffers look like bewtox!

    Ah Beave, that’s not brass, itz pronounced bare-ass…

  4. Sounds a bit like Gnosticism, the part about some ‘Christians’ possessing a secret knowledge outside of the Scriptures and Jesus’s teaching.

    Paul wrote to Timothy regarding this heresy in the early church:

    1 Timothy 6:20-21 “O Timothy, guard the deposit entrusted to you. Avoid the irreverent babble and contradictions of what is falsely called “knowledge,” for by professing it some have swerved from the faith. Grace be with you.”

    The progressive church today is looking for this secret knowledge to counter what they don’t like in the Scriptures.

  5. Christianitys’ source is the Bible. The Bible is clear; homosexuals have no part in God’s plan.

    I didn’t write it, but I can read it.

  6. Progressive Christian equals ,”God loves me and wants me to be happy so he will tolerate any deviant perverted non biblical behavior I wish to indulge in, because, you know, he is so loving”.

    These perveters of Christianity know damn well that they are living outside the moral teachings of the faith. You cannot retain your Christian faith while questioning the divinity of Christ and the legitimacy of Scripture. It is what it is, no equivocating, A Christian must accept that it is truth because it came from the One who Himself is Truth.

  7. Speaking of Mayor Pete, some lib rag the other day was touting what a devout man Pete was because while mayor he set up a program whereby illegal aliens in his city could apply for an I.D. card so that they could access public benefits. I was thinking to myself, what a little shit, not only is he circumventing our immigration laws but he betraying the trust actual citizen voters placed in him by sabotaging their welfare safety net which they pay for.

    And somehow this type of behavior is lauded on the left.

  8. Are these “regressive” Christians going to “advocating” sending socialists communists socialists progressives socialists to “camps”? Out in the fields? Over the hills? Where no one can hear? Along with the “married” non-binaries? Along with the feminists? Along with the racists?


    Well then, I, for one, welcome our new beardy overlords. Sorry, “regressive” Christians. You can leave your luggage in the station. Someone else will “be sure” to send it along. To the “camps”. Out in the fields. Over the hills. Where no one can hear. Along with the “married” non-binaries. And the feminists. And the racists. Boots on the ground. First come, first served.

  9. “Progressive” (aka “Politically Correct”) and “Christian” are mutually exclusive terms. It’s like saying “dark sunlight.” But that’s the craziness that happens when people become their own gods.

  10. He is not a Christian when he blames God for his sexual depravity. His fake church is heretical.


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