Mayor Pete: “It’s ‘Almost Certain’ America Has Had a Gay President”


South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg said it’s “almost certain” he would not be the first gay man to serve as president of the United States if elected in 2020.

Buttigieg made the comment on Sunday during an interview with Axios on HBO when asked how he would respond to someone saying he was “too young, too liberal, [or] too gay to be commander-in-chief.” More

38 Comments on Mayor Pete: “It’s ‘Almost Certain’ America Has Had a Gay President”

  1. And probably quite a few lesbian first ladies.

    But why is it celebrated when he says it and considered hateful when we do?

  2. Please consider what an unmitigated disaster that time before voting. $10 trillion added to the national debt, nothing to show for it!

  3. Except for Barky, I really don’t give a rat’s ass. Whoever they may have been, they kept it to themselves and didn’t flaunt it. Especially, they didn’t ask me to celebrate it.

  4. Like so often, this is one of those posts where if you’re not among the first, you’re just repeating the already stated obvious. Maybe trying for your own flair on it.

    Maybe V V has a good double entendre to come up with.

    Little Morphin’ Annie JUNE 17, 2019 AT 2:36 PM

    And probably quite a few lesbian first ladies.

    But why is it celebrated when he says it and considered hateful when we do?

    That’s some frustrating truth right there.

  5. Crunch the numbers yourself, being generous to put gays at 6% of the population. 45 presidents? Your odds are greater to encounter Elvis at the local MacDonalds the same day you are hit by lightning and win the powerball.

  6. @OTD, you hit the mother lode of their mendacity and dead-end ideology. Leftists and homosexuals regularly step on each other if it advances themselves. You just have to wait for it sometimes.

    If Buttgiggy is outing obozo, then Barki don’t look so brave and leaderlike, now do he?
    In fact, if Black Jesus wasn’t forthright on his sexuality, who could trust his declaration of Christianity, when his ‘strategic”, intermittent candor and all facts point to constant taqqiya. Never forget, when one leaves islam, his fellow religion-of-peaceniks reserve the right to kill him.

    But Barky benefited from a stand-down order at a high level, since he was doing mohammad’s bidding.

  7. Mayor Pete: “It’s ‘Almost Certain’ America Has Had a Gay President”

    Not only a gay President but a tranny for a first “It.” Obama and Michael, I bet our founding fathers are rolling in their graves!

  8. Ain’t it cute when the fudgepackers assume they have ‘gaydar’ and we don’t??!

    You still suck cocks like you suck at being a third-tier mayor, Buttboy.

  9. I’m a little surprised he doesn’t have first hand knowledge, I guess he was never invited to the Obama white house.

  10. Does Butthead have anything intelligent to say? His whole pitch is: “I’m gay!” So fricken what? He’s the mayor of a shithole he can’t control. Alfred E. Neuman belongs in Mad magazine, not the White House.

    We already had a gay president, Barry the 1st. He brought nothing but disaster, and not because he was gay, but because he was a traitor.

  11. Just as the democrats manipulate information to make normal people feel isolated and marginalized so do homosexuals. They create the illusion that there’s more of them than really exist.

  12. Seems we recently had a president who accused his husband of being a homo because his husband’s wee wee tasted like sh*t.

  13. And so? I guess we don’t need ya.
    Go back to the bath house please.
    The left needs to keep looking for another first something, it’s all they got.

  14. We ‘may’ have had Presidents who were homosexual, but that doesn’t mean we need another one.

  15. As CallMeLennie noted, there were rumors that James Buchanan was homosexual. Buchanan lived during a period where being an admitted homosexual would have been the end of his legal and political career; however, he also lived during a period where being a lifelong bachelor was also highly unusual and people would speculate as to reasons for this. My personal view is that Buchanan was a bachelor who was just uninterested in marriage and resisted societial pressure to marry just for the sake of marrying.

  16. Gay, not gay – who cares?

    If the Butt was a reliable conservative, we’d vote for him. But he’s an incompetent flake, so we won’t.

  17. “It’s ‘Almost Certain’ America Has Had a Gay President” and a Muslim, President and a sissy President, and a Spying President, and a loser President, and an Indonesian President, and a married to a Transgender President, and an incompetent President, and a hate America President, and a racist President, and a choom gang President, and a college cheating President, and a hate the Armed Services President, and a lazy President, and a poor golf playing President, and a betting President, and I and Me President and they were all the very same guy- Mr. Three Names Barack Hussein Obama!

  18. And he wants America to believe he is somehow the smart choice for POTUS? I can guarantee 44 was a disgusting degenerate faggot.


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