Mayoral candidate goes berserk when he’s not invited to debate

Pinko sent it in and he says he’s still laughing.

Try and guess what is making him have laughing fits.

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  1. 1. the arts school graduate!! you a piece of sh– lol
    also 2. last one feminist buck tooth!
    3. if this ends up on facebook I’ll sue!
    or 4. arab disrespecting asian woman in his store according to her

  2. OMG! The dweeb at 9:59, he looks just like my older sister’s exhusband. He died mysteriously at the bottom of the stairs. We suspect my sister pushed him down the stairs, we made fun of him. I think we nicknamed him weeble-wooble. The whole video was disturbing. I dunno about Mr. Sum Ting Wong with the wanna be cowboy hat on, just really gay.

  3. Was the screeching Pat with the alopecia yarmulke a male or female?

    And who believes Ms Burger King will have it her way? Or any kinda way? that she’d have to choose an abortion?

  4. Sorry. I made it almost all the way through that dystopian video. Every one of the malefactors deserve a five pound sledge to the temple.

    They’re not amusing.

    They’ll never be useful in society.

    Post third trimester junk piles. An innocent child, wanted or un wanted, should not have its spinal chord severed by pruning shears. But that’s what happens with these people. Horrible dependent monsters.

    Grown unruly children in adult bodies.

    Certainly we’re not in a position to be judge, jury and executioner.
    But there is something seriously wrong with these people. Their thought process never developed beyond the hypothalamus. They breathe, eat, drink, and expel waste material. And for $20. They vote.

  5. as a whole, society has gotten stupider with the advent of the smart phone.

    I didnt hear any matt damon reference. My brain was too busy tilting over such rampant ignorance.

    Is it the GMO’s? Food? Immune shots?


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