Mazie HirOH NO! Brags to 8th Graders That She is Fighting For Their Abortion Rights

13 Comments on Mazie HirOH NO! Brags to 8th Graders That She is Fighting For Their Abortion Rights

  1. Because of course 8th graders should be having sex, getting pregnant and have the option to kill their offspring.

    Or, in a sane world, the opposite of everything listed above.

  2. Part of an email I just sent:!

    After watching the linked video, my spidey sense started tingling. No, it was not my penis inverting from the imagery of Leslie Jones procreating. It was my deplorable neurons going into overdrive trying to figure out what was wrong with Jones’ panic over her coming loss of Roe-v-Wade. Then it hit me like one of Leslie’s uppercuts. There won’t be any medical tourism from New York to Alabama to NOT have abortions. The traffic will pretty much be in the other direction
    to fill the New York fetus sporks.

  3. The inmates, if we’re not diligent, will soon be running the ENTIRE asylum……and I’m convinced that they’re runnning it pretty much as we speak. The Republican leadership, but for a few, are there in name only. Corruption is King, ignorance and stupidity the order of the day.

  4. Stupid Asses

    Without desperate scare tactics and outright lies
    The smellocrats would have nothing to speak of

    Roe v. Wade is NOT going to be reversed

    If all nine justices of the SCOTUS
    died in an airplane crash and President
    Trump appointed nine brand new justices

    Roe v. Wade would NOT be overturned.

    I believe even the current leadership ( ? )
    jerks of smellocrat party even realize that

  5. Mazie Hirono, voted most likely to win a Darwin award by her elementary school graduating class.

  6. “I asked my class blah blah..” Do you think any students were going to disagree knowing how unhinged that woman is?

  7. Gin Blossom,
    Do you think any students are even going to know what she’s talking about?

  8. I never even heard Hirono’s name until the Kavanaugh hearings but now she is everywhere all the time. One of the dumbest and most partisan dems and unfit for office.

  9. Montana’s “Senator” Jon Fester (actually, Tester) is as bad – except that he’s at least smart enough to disguise it. There is little to nothing he will not do to advance the lefty agenda, judging from his record. Same for current Gov. Bullock, now candidate for the (d) Presidential nomination. Our “urban” areas, academics and reservations keep them in office. Fester can’t even carry his home town on election days.

  10. Hey Leftists leave them kids alone!
    We don’t need no thought control!
    Stop brainwashing our kids!


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