McAuliffe Resorts To Openly Campaigning In Black Churches

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We’ve been covering how Democrats have been completely ignoring the law — the Johnson Amendment pertaining to churches not being allowed to campaign for a particular candidate.

There was a video sent around to 300 black churches in Virginia to be shown to parishioners between now and Nov. 2 of Kamala Harris promoting the candidacy of Terry McAuliffe for governor. But that wasn’t all. Other Democrats were deployed to go to churches in person including Stacey Abrams, Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms and Terry McAuliffe himself. More

12 Comments on McAuliffe Resorts To Openly Campaigning In Black Churches

  1. Hopefully some pastor throws McAulass out on his ass and a couple dozen pastors refuse to show the camel girl’s video and file complaints with the IRS about attempts by the Demonrats to jeopardize their tax exempt status.

  2. Their attempted church thing is the result of the left believing that all blacks and non-whites are stupid and ignorant, a view of them the left try to hide. It’s also the reputation of confirmed white supremacist and card-carrying kaykaykay member Joe the Pedo Biden who, btw, eulogized the “Exalted Cyclops” and kaykaykay racist Senator Robert T. Bryd at his funeral, with Pedo Joe boasting publicly that “Exalted Cyclops” Byrd was his “friend and mentor”. Same goes for the Clinton woman-creature.

  3. petition to remove the tax exempt status for the churches that participate with the unlawful politics
    it’s always about the money

  4. Demonrat flop sweat when whitey drags his wrinkled ass into a Black church.

    I pray that shoving the black candidates aside results in Terry the Fairy going down in flames.

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