McCabe’s depiction of Jeff Sessions is pathetically unbelievable

WaEx: Former acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe is having his moment in the sun, trying to sell a book making explosive allegations — but he undermines the believability of any of it by his outlandishly embittered descriptions of former Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

As a New York Times review of McCabe’s new book describes it, Sessions comes across as “openly racist,” with (now using McCabe’s own words) “trouble focusing” while “lacking basic knowledge.” In sum, reviewer Dwight Garner says that “the portrait of Sessions is of a man for whom merely ordering lunch seems to be above the timberline of his intellect and curiosity.”

This is sheer calumny and utterly unbelievable. On the racism charge — based not on alleged remarks about black Americans but about Irish-American FBI agents — my colleague James Gagliano has it right: “It defies credulity that any modern AG would ever utter such blatantly racist remarks around anyone — much less the acting director of the FBI.”

It especially defies credulity considering Sessions’ own background of being blocked for a judgeship, and almost blocked from becoming attorney general, because of now-widely-discredited allegations of racism. Even if Sessions looked at the world through a racial lens, which he doesn’t, he’s not stupid enough to go around expressing it.

That supposed stupidity described by McCabe, though, is even more absurd. Allow, please, some directly personal observations. I live in Mobile, where Sessions lives. I’ve covered him closely for local and national publications for 21 years. I’ve had numerous in-depth conversations with the man, both on the record and off. The off-the-record ones, including several airport lunches when we found ourselves on the same flights between Mobile and the nation’s capital, were especially illuminating, because they involved Sessions at his most unguarded. They also showed him at his best and most thoughtful.  more here

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  1. The racist stuff is just wrong, but I had my doubts about Sessions smarts for a.while. Still find him puzzling.

    And “above the timberline”…please. No. Way out over your skis there, fella.

  2. I’m seeing very few people employed by our government that shouldn’t be given a hickory shampoo with a lead pipe rinse. They don’t at all resemble the respectable Americans I have known for 60 years.

    We need a wall at the national border and an adequate sized trash compactor at the nation’s capital. Here are those proverbial shovel ready jobs!

  3. About being shocked at a “modern” AG being racist: What was AG Holder, then? How about Lynch? Two “modern” AGs who were extremely racist. But being racist isn’t such a big deal these days. Hell’s bells, according to the Left, at least everyone who voted for Trump is a racist. So, who cares about that anymore?

  4. I’m no fan of Jeff Sessions, but to depict him as a racist is typical of Democrat operatives MO and uncalled for.

    There once was a time in this country when you smash mouthed other men after weighing the chances of having the literal shit beat out of you by the recipient of your trash talk… or one of their relatives. We are long past time for a Goddamn good ass whoopin’ to go down in Washington DC. Where is our Preston Brooks when we really need him?

  5. Thoughts about Sessions.

    President Trump’s life experience lay outside politics, and career Deep Staters. At the outset of his Presidency, he necessarily relied on resources at hand. He also probably refused to believe that DC is predominantly populated by self-serving traitors. That explains the turmoil, and turnover, in his Cabinet.

    The President assumed in others what he himself embodies, a love for country and an intention to serve it honorably. He has found that is not present in most of the ‘top level’ familiar faces. And then there are the saboteurs.

    I expect him to get stronger in Office, even if it means winnowing his staff to the righteous few.
    God willing, the country will be vastly different, and closer to its proper self, on the other side.

  6. @Anonymous February 20, 2019 at 2:40 pm

    > They don’t at all resemble the respectable Americans I have known for 60 years.

    Considering the employer… Considering the loyalty expected to that employer… How many “respectable Americans” do you know that would voluntarily mob up?

  7. @Anonymous February 20, 2019 at 3:41 pm

    > I expect him to get stronger in Office, even if it means winnowing his staff to the righteous few.

    Never go against the family.

  8. ‘Put him against a wall and execute him like the vermin he is.’
    Elf’s are rat fink bastards, hard to catch.
    Amazed he hid for so long, (joking).
    Sometimes one must endure some trash to not send the wrong message.
    Jeff (out of the box, recused himself) left a huge slug trial.
    Trump knew it going in.

  9. McCabe and Smollett. Brothers from another mother.

    Here’s the deal. None of these pathological liars would continue doubling down were it not for the media giving them a platform to perpetuate their lies.
    I know I won’t live long enough to see the media get their comeuppance, but man will it be sweet when they do.

  10. I saw a bumper sticker in of all places Portland Oregon just the other day, it said “politicians should serve two terms, one in Washington and the other in prison.”

  11. I live in Alabama. Sessions did more than anyone to fight racism here. He sued the KKK into bankruptcy, charged and prosecuted their members, and as AG executed them. He literally put racists to death. We may have issues with him but racist isn’t one.

  12. Definitely not buying McCabe’s book. I tried both Obama’s and Hillary’s, and you could hardly wipe your ass with either one.


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