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McCain Announces This is His Last Term and is a Jerk Until the End

McCain thinks Arizona is called McCainizona.

Now that the end is near he says he’s been free to speak his mind and “vote the way he wants to vote” without fear.

Uhhhhhhh. A senator is an extension of its constituency. You vote the way the people want you to vote, not the way YOU WANT TO VOTE. Why Arizona kept marching to the voting booth like glazed lemmings and electing this egotist is a mystery. This dope should have been ousted long, long ago.


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  1. Thanks to shitbag McVain, the working poor have to pay mafia vigorish for shitty health insurance they can’t use because that senile old fucktard was angry that Trump was able to grab the big prize and he couldn’t. May McLame burn in hell for a fucking eternity for the numerous shitty things that many know he has done but the press has covered up.

  2. Captain obvious says this is his last term? Thats his first promise he will keep.

  3. good riddance to bad, entitled, rubbish

    the flames of Hell are awaiting, John Boy … how does that gnaw on your brain?

  4. Hypothetically, If I adored my wife because she stood by me during the death of my mother, then turned around and slept with two men in town several years later. I think I could call my wife a slut, divorce her before the third one comes, and not have any guilt. McCain, spent his prisoner cred years ago.

  5. Good riddance, the old coot.
    My state has been stuck under his grimy, bloodthirsty thumb for far too long.

  6. @chuffed-beyond-words, yea, but I have a young one who is crazy and “trending” with the dems…Cory Booker. At least we’re almost done with McCain in Senate.

  7. Meerkat Brzezinski,
    My condolences… I guess I could look at McCain finally leaving as a positive, but the fact that it took is death essentially to finally get him out is troubling beyond reason.

  8. I hope every fucking day you read the online comments that hate you and they hurt you traitorous fuck.

  9. I guess if you can’t say anything nice about a guy living out his last days, maybe you you shouldn’t say anything at all. That’s probably good advice, except for the fact that I would hate for him to miss out on seeing me say FUCK OFF YOU TRAITOROUS BASTARD, one last time!!

  10. I wonder whether the old bastard actually has brain cancer. He knew he’d never get elected again and that he was becoming universally hated so what better thing to do then fake a terminal illness and ride the sympathy knowing you can say any damn thing you want without getting set upon by the critics. It wouldn’t be too hard to fake by a man with his pull.

  11. I just hope there aren’t plans to retain the seat in the family. A wife, daughter, son-in-law stepping in to finish out the ‘heros’ term. McCain was a selfish ass to run for a 6 year term at 80. And mocked Kelli Ward for pointing out the obvious, he statistically wouldn’t be finishing the term.

  12. His mortality isn’t the sort of Term Limit we would prefer but let’s accept it when it happens.

  13. I’m not convinced the bastid isn’t already dead and just channeling thru Flake.
    OTOH, when he lies in state in the Capital Rotundra, someone better drive a stake thru his heart just to be certain.

  14. Geez the dems must be in a panic now that the end is near for old Johnny Rotten. Their reliable swing vote is no more.

  15. Has your good buddy, stand-up guy Jim Comey, come to visit you in the hospital, John? No? I guess he really doesn’t give a shit since you can’t help him anymore. No big loss, he’d just tweet some platitude and a picture of his back. Anyway, get ready to go to the deepest state.

  16. There were 5 far left crooks that enabled Chuck Keating to steal $000,000,000 from American taxpayers. 4 of the 5 had the honesty to admit they were Dem. 1 never had any and so even though his votes show he always was a Dem he lied and said GOP. While married he was fucking a USC cheerleader (she was not married). He divorced his wife and married the cheerleader; who is still looker. I have called him for 30 years “The Manchurian candidate” after a book that was popular when I was in hs. If you can not name the progressive of whom I speak you need to take out your wallet and PAY ATENTION!

  17. McStain’s sock puppet, Lindsay Graham once quipped he was in Washington DC to do “what’s right”, not what his constituents wanted him to do. Like father, like son.

  18. What’s up, Johnny? Thinking your eternity in Hell will be any easier if you screw over a few more folks on your way out?

  19. That’s great news.
    Teddy Kennedy, Arlen Specter, and Jimmy Hoffa need a fourth for bridge.

    Welcome south, bro! Get a move on. 👿

  20. “They’ll have to pry this Senate seat from my cold, dead hands,” said John (I won’t go away willingly or quietly) McCain.

  21. Just fucking resign Johnny, if you can’t show up for work anymore.

    Anybody else would have been fired after missing four months.

  22. Songbird, may your hell be a thousand times more intense than the fire that killed your shipmates on the Forrestal. And may you be conscious of it for eternity.


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