McCain Lashes Out Bitterly at Liberty Medal Ceremony


They’re giving a medal to a tumor with a $hitstain wrapped around it. Too cynical? It’s the truth. In what world, sans his cancer, is this guy worthy of a liberty medal? He stands for one thing – John “Maverick” McCain, a politician devoted to being in the spotlight by being a perpetual contrarian.

In perfect character, McCain lashed out at Trump (although he is too much of a shrimpy coward to mention him by name) while slamming the “spurious nationalism” that is occurring throughout the country.

McCain rambled and belched out some faux patriotic crapola which amounted to a decree that to be truly American one must forget about the Trump doctrine and open our borders.

What else could he mean? You watch and tell me.

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  1. I want to see the cancer actually push his brain cells out past his eyeballs in a stream of blood.
    I want to see him die, on camera, dying in a thrashing mess of Hammer Films gore.

    I want to see him die on live microphone. Cursing America and begging Satan for one more breath. Like Renfield begging Dracula not to kill him. “I’ve been loyal, Master! Loyal! Aaaaaarrrghhh!!!”

    Then I want to see dark supernatural beings rise up and drag his twisted soul, screaming, down to Hell like Patrick Swayze’s murderers in “Ghost”.

    I’d also like to see him tried for Treason and shot by survivors of his Forrestal massacre.

    We could have a contest : ” How Should McCain Die?”

  2. Well the upside is he now is starting to look like he’s on the downward leg of the brain cancer that will kill him. For all the ill he’s done to the country and the world I hope the pain is excruciating and that even the best narcotics can only dull it. Oh, and I do hate myself for saying something like that but I hate him even more for making me feel that way.

  3. I couldn’t watch it. He makes me sick. I’d just be more pissed off than I already am that he’s still occupying that seat. I’m hoping for a bleeding stroke to take him out.

  4. I think maybe it’s time to have the people he served under and over come out and start telling some stories about him. Maybe post his record out in the open. Because that would be real, unlike the phony Trump dossier he tried to pass off as real.

  5. The Liberty Medal is passed out by the National Constitution Center. Previous recipients have included Bono, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Mikhail Gorbachev, Nelson Mandela, and Steven Spielberg (Yes! The Steven Spielberg!).

  6. Oh man, there are so many worthless medals, statuettes, and phony made up awards handed out to the pukes and cretins of this country that is is almost impossible to count them all!

  7. Are you getting any nosebleeds yet John? How’s the headache? Thats the growing tumor putting pressure on your evil brain. It’s really the ghosts of the Forrestal coming to collect you for a long overdue meeting.

  8. McCain caused the deaths of many sailors when he landed on his Carrier with his “belly Tank still FULL of JP-4 jet fuel”.
    You ALWAYS jettison this tank!
    This tank broke free and slid into Carrier Navy Sailors killing many!
    Exploded into a huge fire ball destroying this plane and others.
    He was only burned some.
    McCain got out of the cockpit without injury.
    His Carrier was on fire!
    Later,,,McCain was shot down in another plane over Hanoi and became a POW that squealed on all his other POW’s.
    Then when he became a politician, he got caught taking bribes in the infamous KEATING Affair in the early 1980’s.
    He is a noisy politician and will die very soon from cancer.

  9. Thirty years of working to make the USA a global socialist state going down the drain for a no good make America great again President! Oh the humanity!

  10. It’s a national disgrace that the people of arizona keep sending this traitor to the Senate.

    Any lingering doubt about his character were revealed in 2008. It’s not just him. It’s them too. Jeff Flake. Etc.

  11. Charlie Meredith. Here’s the damn problem: You say McCain landed on the Carrier with a “belly tank still full of Jet fuel.” and it exploded killing many sailors. I’ve read that he was ready for takeoff and “wet started” his Jet like a hot shot, which caused the explosion.
    Now which is it? Either he was landing or taking off?
    Cover ups and fake news sucks, but there is someone or some thing behind it all to create confusion. I don’t have any answers, just questions. One question: Just what the fuck happened on the USS Forrestal that killed over 250 American sailors and wounded hundreds more? Anyone?

  12. Tommy

    It was a wet start. The wet start resulted a a bunch of static electricity which resulted in two missiles being fire off his plane. I just read about this yesterday.

  13. Now, just to show you how fucking pissed off I am, I knew a carpenter who was on the Forrestal but I have lost track of him.
    But if we can’t determine if McCain was taking off or landing, we are in deep shit. 1984 is here. Everything is changed. Change the dates, change the times, repaint the picture, burn the books.

  14. Brad. Thank you. Can anyone recommend a report on the Forrestal Fire worth reading? I’m looking for facts, not bullshit.
    Wikipedia has a report which, I feel, must have been written by
    John Boy dad’s secretary.

  15. Oh, I forgot to tell you, my friend Bill, the carpenter, told me there were so many fires on the Forrestal, the sailors called it “The Zippo.”

  16. Only presidential election I could and didn’t vote.
    Just could not bring myself, I admit, weak.
    Should have held my nose and voted, just cannot stand the stench of him.
    For years he blamed his injuries on his captors, after the fall of Saigon, things have come out.
    He got injured when he ejected and they offered him medical treatment for collaboration.
    He was a son and grandson of USN admirals, the enemy was not that stupid.
    Both things happened.
    He made propaganda movies/recordings.
    He isn’t the hero he thinks we believe he is.
    President Trump probably knows pretty well just what he is.

  17. “The boy stood on the burning deck
    Which all before had fled;
    The flames that lit the battle’s wreck,

    New version:
    The boy stood on the burning deck
    His dick was full of blisters.
    The doctor came and cut it off,
    And now he/she’s transgender
    Shone ’round him o’er the dead.”

  18. When Candidate Trump said he “preferred heroes who didn’t crash and get themselves captured”, that gained DJT another 2 million votes.
    McCain is universally despised.
    The Arizona Machine ballot fraud must be staggering for McCain to continue being re-anointed every 72 months.

  19. Sorry I’m late to the party but if anyone is keeping score……I have come to despise McCain, he’s a turncoat, he’s a democratic infiltrator, he is anything but a GOD fearing American. His only interests lie in the demolition of this country.

  20. 1 – I didn’t waste my time on the video
    2 – I’ll play the “how should Juan McPain die” game; at the Senate podium, giving an anti-American rant, he keels over and dies from a massive brain aneurysm stroke.
    3 – just an observation: there are SO many awards and presentations for the elites, political leaders, entertainers, et al, that it reminds me of pre WWI Europe, everybody that was anybody had a chest full of ribbons and medals for anything and everything, and they all meant nothing (the people and the awards).

  21. I’ve heard this on talk radio and at other sites all day. I just listened again, and clear as hell, at the 8:00 minute mark he said “spurious nationalism blah blah blah……..tired dogma that Americans consigned to the ass cheek of history.”

    Hopefully, that’s where his legacy is heading.


    What the hell good have anyone of you people done in the last 25 years?

    Is the world better? Do we have less debt? Is the Iranian / North Korean threat muted? Are we better off with your leadership now than we were 25 years ago?

    We have paid BILLIONS of dollars just in salaries of politicians, diplomats and negotiators all around the world and what have we gotten from our investment? NOT MUCH!

    One man, UNPAID, is doing a better job than all of you put together. Now pull your weight or get out of the way!

  23. McCain is so vindictive and bitter that if he knows he’s about to shit the bed, he’ll call up his buttboy Chuck Schumer, announce he’s switched to the Democrat Party, vote thumbs-up for some Democrat Party-sponsored legislation and tell the American people F.U. for not voting him Preezy back in Aught 8.

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