McCain’s Blood Clot Blocks Obamacare Repeal Vote

DC: The Senate will delay its vote on the health care bill, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced Saturday night.

McConnell attributed the delay to Arizona Sen. John McCain’s expected absence, McCain underwent surgery to remove a blood clot at the Mayo Clinic in Arizona Friday.

GOP leadership hoped to vote on the bill this week, but Republicans need McCain to gain a majority as two GOP lawmakers have already come out against the revised draft. Moderate Sen. Susan Collins of Maine and conservative Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky both oppose the bill and have said they would not vote to even begin debate on the legislation. Six other Senators remain undecided.

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34 Comments on McCain’s Blood Clot Blocks Obamacare Repeal Vote

  1. Just Put his Stretcher in the Plane, and Wheel Him on to the Floor to Vote !
    He’ll be Fine, If He Asks you’re rescuing Him From Hostiles !

  2. Typical McCain, obstructionist to the last.
    Is his surgeon a Russian or Jihadist?

    John, here’s your chance to do something noble and in the best interest of the country, retire due to health concerns.

    Obviously McCONnel didn’t have the votes, the Senate is leaderless.

  3. John Boy McShitstain gets to go to the Mayo Clinic for a blood clot, while the rest of us have to get in line at the Urgent Care Center because we can’t afford Emergency Care due to these assholes demanding they run our Health Care
    ….. from my local County Commissioners to each & every Congress Critter, I loath them all

  4. Talk about collusion? The two McC’s got together on this just to delay, bc the plan is crap.

    BTW, since when does a blood clot get sent to a pathologist? And 2 inches is HUGE–he would have been noticing ‘something’ wrong for at least a few days, no?!?

  5. There’s more wrong with McCain than a blood clot…his asshole is connected directly to his brain.

    Happens to a lot of Democrats, especially the ‘secret’ ones. (I think they actually test for that in Congress, and if they’re not thinking and talking out of their asses, then they don’t get to have ANY input.)

  6. to bad each political party doesn’t stick together no matter the issue-. years ago-many many years I was in a “group” in school= we would stand by our friends no matter if they were right or wrong. oh how times have changed.

  7. What’s a shame is, I read what is in the plan and kind of like it.
    But you will never find any positive word for it ANYWHERE except right here.

  8. I’d like to see him under twilight sedation to see how fast he starts to spill secrets. I’d bet about 2 minutes and we’d know all about the route pacs into the north by his squadren along with their bombing packages, likely targets, name of his fellow pilots, the fact he’s been being blackmailed by the Democrats since the day he set foot in Washington. You know, all the little things that make up his life. Having it live broadcast would be fun to. Or maybe he could just die and get a hero’s sendoff and all the dirty things he’s done over his life never have to see the light of day.

  9. Sweetie & I spend lotsa time at the Mayo – Had I known he was coming, I’d have cleaned my toenails with the scalpel intended for his surgury.

  10. Fatal Aneurysm.
    Best outcome for Arizona and the Nation.

    Plus, 160 dead shipmates he killed have been waiting 50 years for him to arrive.

  11. 🏵 SOURCES SAY ….🏵

    McCain is just trying-out blood-clot weapon so he can use it on others to stall the Trump agenda.

    He’s kinda like the GREEN GOBLIN of the Senate.

  12. Again, the one time I despaired about the whole Trump insurgency being a mirage was when McCain EASILY won the primary. How could you vote Trump and then vote for McCain? It’s schizophrenic. One side of your brain is ignoring your other side.

    And then there was his physical condition. He was looking senile when he ran against Obama in 2008. How could anyone possibly think he would make it to 2022

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