McCain’s Last Words Were Perfect – It Showed What a Damn Liar He Was To His Constituents

‘We weaken the world’s greatest republic when we hide behind walls.’ -John McCain’s deathbed words.

Compare these words to this campaign video—>

McCain was a liar, a shitstain, and since he would not retire the only way to get him out was for him to die.

Sorry to have to say this, but under those circumstances, I am glad he’s dead.


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  1. It’s going to be a long week, John McCain 24/7 until they bury him this weekend. I for one will not watch or listen to all the praise being heaped on him. For the most part he’s sucking all the air and everything else out of all the rest of the news at least according to the lamestream media. You’d think that the way the press has been treating him that someone really important had died.


  3. “Ten years ago, I had the privilege to concede defeat in the election for president.”

    To an ineligible, illegal, seditious, muslim piece of trash! I do not believe in opening up the constitution for a rewrite while these traitors are at the helm, but we need to find a way to change the qualifications for who is allowed to run for office. Only the top contenders who pass a series of tests and a truly thorough background check need apply.

    History will not be kind to you, Juan McCain.

  4. Besides being dishonest, apparently, he was rather stupid.
    People with walls aren’t necessarily hiding behind them, John.

    More proof as to why McCain finished at the bottom of his class at the Naval academy.

  5. I’ve thought he was a world-class dick for a long while. His death has done nothing to change that, although a dead dick is technically less of a threat. So I guess I can truthfully say my feelings toward him have improved by some infinitesimal amount.

  6. What if John McCain’s cancer had been cured months ago, but he was likely slowly dying, suffering from senility. It was likely decided that giving him a morphine drip euthanasia would allow for more criminal, political clout to be done in his name. There was no coincidence in the date of his death, it was likely planned ahead of time. McCain was evil through and through, paving his way to hell.

  7. Damn near every sentence of that statement requires a barf bag.
    Any bets that he has numerous written to be given out when there is a vote on immigration, defense , you name it.

  8. Saw a spot on CNN where Tapper glowingly reminisced of his interviews with McCain. They edited it to where the only time you clearly see Palin is for one second while the narration speaks of McCain’s losing to Obama…the second you see her, the word “loss” is emphasized. Forget the fact that they wanted Obama to win more than anything. The implication was as clear as it is false – it was her fault McCain lost. She is not mentioned at all otherwise.

    Leftists are interested in history only to the extend they can rewrite it. But liars and hypocrites will burn. I take solace in that.

  9. McCain is a perfect example of a man overcome by the events of his life – and he is/and will be ever found wanting.

    His actions, words, and legacy will be one of deceit and distortion and a failure to evaluate the character of his friends and allies.

    The very fact that he lost to the ultimate “Manchurian” candidate, given his preferential pow treatment and sycophantic behaviors in Hanoi, is a telling characteristic that McCain almost, but never became the man his father and grandfather were.

    His later behaviors in life and partnerships with people like Teddy Kennedy prove he deserves to be called Senator Zero (and certainly not hero).

  10. There’s no doubt that people are free to roam about his Arizona ranch as they please.
    And if you’re in the area feel free to walk across his grave.

  11. If the Dems and the Nevertrumpers want to turn McCain’s death into another Paul Wellstone Memorial fiasco, I won’t stand in their way. It’s another sign of their impending disappointment and rage on Election Day.

  12. How STUPID was McCain?
    From US News: The sound of jaws hitting the floor reverberated in Washington this afternoon when Republican presidential nominee John McCain announced that he would suspend his campaign and asked that Friday’s debate be postponed. Why? Because of the “historic crisis in our financial system,” said McCain, who intends to return to Washington tomorrow to participate in Wall Street bailout negotiations on the Hill.

    That day, I said “McCain just lost the election. One of the very stupidest blunders in campaign history.

  13. I purposely tried not to listen to any news yesterday.
    My husband had Levin on last night and even he was carrying on about what a great patriot McCain was. After talking about what a terrible person he was when alive.
    Sorry Mark, you can’t have it both ways.
    It’s sad for his family that he has died but this habit of putting politicians and celebrities on a pedestal because they died is stupid.
    McCain was a jerk.

  14. @Mr Anth Ropy
    I remember him doing that. Like he was the only man that could stop a catastrophe. Typical of his boundless arrogance. His country needed him and his wisdom to right the ship of state. He was embarrassing.

  15. You know, in normal circumstances, people would say, “The dearly departed wouldn’t have wanted his death to be used as a political weapon.”

    But with John McCain, you just can’t say that. He did want his death to be used as a political weapon against President Trump. It would tickle him to no end that the media is doing it. In fact, he made certain his death would be used as a weapon against Trump. From barring Trump from his funeral to his snotty dig at the wall in his “final statement.”

    For all the talk about how Trump is behaving in a bitter and petty way over McCain’s death, the truth is, the bitter and petty one was John McCain. The media is just mad that they can’t get Trump to take the bait.

  16. There have long been a number of negative adjectives to describe McCain: arrogant, ignorant, condescending, cowardly, disloyal, back-stabbing, phony, egotistical, and more. Now I am please to add one more adjective, a positive one: dead.

  17. What a crock. His actual last words were probably something like, “Please give me more morphine! My head is killing me!”

  18. He was a useful tool that the liberals used to slam actual conservatives. “See! Even John McCain thinks (fill-in the blank) is a bad idea and he’s a republican!”

  19. McCain would certainly know much about “hiding behind walls,” now, wouldn’t he?

    The Senate’s an armed camp hidden behind walls and barricades.
    The Capitol’s an armed camp hidden behind walls and barricades.
    The House’s an armed camp hidden behind walls and barricades.
    The White House is an armed camp hidden behind walls and barricades.
    The Supreme Court’s an armed camp hidden behind walls and barricades.
    Every Naval base on Earth is an armed camp hidden behind walls and barricades.

    Why do you suppose that is, John?
    Hypocrisy much, John?
    Willing to die with a lie on your lips, John?

    I guess you are a brave man …

    izlamo delenda est …

  20. I’m just satisfied that he chose to be buried at Annapolis instead of Arlington. Although his father and grandfather are both at Arlington, (as are mine) he, (like my uncle) decided the Academy would be more prestigious. Pretentious prick, (like my uncle) to the very end.

  21. I don’t care how many tributes McCain wrote for himself, how many speeches are given on the Senate floor, how many bldgs/roads/airports are named in his honor; I don’t even care that he’s memorized in the manner reserved for a president (replete with horse/caisson that DJT ordered per THE FAMILY’S REQUEST).

    It’s matters not one iota that the same Press and frauds who hated him, are using this opportunity to compare his honorable life/service v Trump.

    The only thing that truly matters Mr. McCain, is that DJT is alive and President, and you’re not!

  22. I said it before, and I’ll say it again.




  23. John McCain never intended to win the election. He threw it to obama on purpose. It was all planned ahead of time. Just like the globalists had the last election planned, except they didn’t count on Trump. Which is why they came up with a plan to try and destroy him.

  24. John McCain just officially became a Democrat as they just registered him to vote the Democrat straight party line!

  25. After 40 years an important question remains un answered!

    98% of POWs were either murdered or maimed, Johnny clearly was not! Why did John get such favorable treatment?

  26. Did any HONEST person actually witness him saying his so-called last words on his deathbed? He either wrote them ahead of time or a dem hack penned them for release to cause the maximum amount of damage they could think of.

    He was a vile/evil creature but speaking from experience, doubt he was even conscious at the very end to say anything at all. The hospice would spare no amount of heavy-duty drugs to deaden the pain – he was going to die anyway.

  27. I read that Michael Bloomberg is going to be one of the pallbearers. It’ll be hysterical seeing his feet dangling above the floor as they carry McCain’s carcass to his final resting place.

  28. “To the last, I grapple with thee; From Hell’s heart, I stab at thee; For hate’s sake, I spit my last breath at thee.” – Herman Melville

  29. Dan Ryan Galt, as a former plane caption in Fighter Squadron VF-114 on board the USS Kitty Hawk CV 63 that could’ve been me that was killed if I had been McCain’s plane captain. And that scares the hell out of me even more than all the video footage of the Forrestal disaster which I saw while in the mandatory Firefighting class I attended in early 1973. We had our own small fire in Dec. 1973 on the Kitty Hawk down in the engine room that killed 8 sailors and I spent all night being towed from one place to another on the flight deck riding the brakes on my assigned F-4 Phantom.

  30. Audie Murphy never surrendered. John McCain always surrendered.

    Just sayin’.

    What the hell kind of last words are those?

  31. Geoff the aardvark, I was in the navy and I don’t know how many times I watched that film. People who haven’t seen that film just really don’t know. You see fire teams going to the fire and then everybody gets killed in massive explosions. And it goes on and on.

  32. And Audie Murphy was a short little guy with a lot of courage and balls to do what he did, McCain was a jerk. Kevin R the one that scares me the most was the CPO with a fire extinguisher who was instantly vaporized from that explosion, that one has stuck with me all these years.

  33. W/respect to McCain’s character I have two choices:

    1) Make an assessment based on his service in the US Air Force. All I have to go on is hearsay and I don’t know any of those he served with

    2) Make an assessment based on his public record as a US Senator. I know what he promised his constituents, I can refresh my memory as need be and I know what his voting record is.

  34. “Sinners don’t fear death; they fear the revealed presence of the Living God.”

    Ain’t John surprised?

    Sold his soul for a cup of rice – good luck with that.

    izlamo delenda est …


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