McCain’s Spawn is Disappointed in Trump

She says she thought Trump’s “attacks” on her father would end.

The truth is now characterized as “attacks.”

Seattle PI

Sen. John McCain’s daughter Meghan says it was incredibly hurtful to see President Trump talk about her father at a conservative conference last week, where the president talked about how McCain derailed last year’s bill to repeal his predecessor’s health care law.

“The View’ co-host Meghan McCain said Wednesday on that show that she had talked with Trump last year and was led to believe the attacks on her father would end. She says she was naive to believe that.


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21 Comments on McCain’s Spawn is Disappointed in Trump

  1. ‘Little’ Meghan…..maybe that playing nice thing is a two way street! You should have a chat with your papa!

  2. The funniest thing ever was when Meagain started berating politicians who had mistresses, like her daddy did.
    Here in the South, we would refer to her as, “a hot mess”.
    In no way resembling an Alabama hot pocket.
    Don’t look it up, trust me.

  3. But McCain’s betrayal of the American public regarding oscumacare was not “incredibly hurtful”?

  4. Well Meghan, perhaps if daddy didn’t singlehandedly scuttle the effort to ditch the disastrous Obamacare then you’d be justified in characterizing Trump as a meanie to daddy.

    But daddy was a traitor to America in his petulance and Trump was right to call him out. I don’t know if you noticed, since you ain’t too bright, but the president didn’t call him out by name. Everyone in the crowd did.
    Your daddy is a douche.

    We’ll graciously look the other way on his other betrayals until after the funeral.

    But don’t push us. That could change.

  5. @Bad_ Brad: You’ve got edit now. There’s no excuse for leaving the “SE” off of “ARSE”.


  6. Doesn’t count if she’s making her case before the morally bankrupt, clinically insane amoebas on The View.

    I feel your pain Meghan. Broken promises. Lied to again. Kinda like “just build the damn wall” or “we will repeal obamacare” or “I switched my boot to give the other foot a rest” or “I passed the dossier to the FBI out of duty to the country”.

    And WTH is wrong with Arizona? They should demand a senator who can show up to vote. How long will he ride this out only to pop up miraculously cured?

  7. No surprise she’d take up for her daddy, but she has to be blind to not see what a self absorbed reptilian scoundrel the creep is.
    Anyway, she’s a little jackass herself so it’s no shock.

  8. And we were led to believe that Daddy McPain had a brain cancer and would die soon or retire. How hurt do you think WE feel?

  9. Lemme see. The treasonous, backstabbing John McCain, who has not disappointed the North Vietnamese since his release, has a clueless, arrogant, spoiled rotten, low IQ, misfit daughter who is disappointed in Trump. Got it.

  10. One dumpster with a locking lid that cannot be reopened, big enough to fit the entire McCain clan, and heavy enough to sink to the bottom of the ocean. There’s a plan

  11. OpenTheDoor: “Don’t look it up, trust me.” I should have taken your advice! It will take a few single-malts to erase that from the memory locker!

  12. You know, I’ve taken a look at Cindy McCain. She could easily have been a Hillary type if McCain had won back in ’08. Gaaah.

  13. Meghan’s an idiot…but I’d still hit it; if I wasn’t going to be charged with having “sex with a feeble minded person.”

  14. The McCain’s live it large as their traitorous canker of a patriarch damages the country like a human rat. And she wants to whine. No quarter. Someday. tap tap


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