McCarthy Finally Installed as Speaker on 15th Attempt Last Night – IOTW Report

McCarthy Finally Installed as Speaker on 15th Attempt Last Night

The evening wasn’t without its fireworks, on the 14th attempt representative Mike Rogers (R-AL) thought he’d have a go at Matt Gaetz (R-FL) when Kevin McCarthy (R=CA) came up one vote short. Drama

McCarthy secured his victory on the 15th vote after the remaining holdouts voted present to give the California congressman the edge he needed to become Speaker. Kabuki

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  1. Shall we lay down bets on how fast the snake stabs the freedom caucus in the back? My bet is ohhh… about 21 days or so.

    And the beat goes on…

  2. I do think the Freedom Caucus managed to negotiate a good number of requirements and restrictions on the Republican Congress. This was their opportunity to impose their agenda and they did pretty well.
    As The Gateway Pundit noted, investigations into the recent stolen elections were NOT part of the negotiation, and that may be a fatal oversight.
    Overall, things seem better.

  3. McCarthy took FTX money and used it to block patriot candidates. FTX will now never be investigated. And with his ties to the CCP at best it will likely be two years of nothing but showmanship while they push the leftist agenda forward.

  4. ^^^^ he didn’t take ftx money. He took $750,000 from ‘West Realm Shire Services,’ which was a fake name that the ftx crook used to donate to mccarthy’s congressional leadership fund. He also gave $1,000,000 to mcconnell’s Senate leadership fund, using the same name. He’s charged for that apparently.
    funny how not many people know that now, and no one knew it before he moved into the speaker’s office.
    can we have our country back, please?

  5. Purely speculative, but maybe POTUS Trump’s die-hard endorsement of McCarthy may have been motivated by a inventory of McCarthy’s skeletons known by the president. It’s far easier to *negotiate* with a Speaker if you’ve got leverage. As I say, though, mere speculation.

    It’s better to have a snake like McCarthy outed like this than to have him protected — as he would have been had he won in the first vote.

  6. Much has been made in that clown show we call the MSM over Mike Rogers “going after” Matt Gaetz on the House floor;

    Pretty laughable. I’ve seen more violent confrontations at the Safeway checkout when someone uses coupons.

    I would remind all these tough guys about Preston Brooks, when men were men and would not put up with abject fuckery in their presence. Often times I would prefer some head-banging, which many of them deserve and it would show the folks back home that their vote meant something.

  7. I think we should have a third party waiting in the wings. The people who tell us that a third party would not work are the same people who have been telling us tha McCarthy was the one to elect as Speaker.

    Remember, the Republican Party was once a third party. As I have said before, third parties usually go nowhere because they are either 1) for way-out there political views or 2) vanity parties started by someone who couldn’t get the nomination from either of the big two.

    This time, when McCartthy screw us over (which you know he will) we should be ready to walk away from the Unity Party.

  8. Finally put in one of the biggest disgrace of republicans.
    Along with Biden and the Demoncrats the US is the laughing stock of the world

  9. At least we know we are entering a period of “bipartisanship” with the Speaker caving into Democrats on everything after giving us the old Trey Gowdy routine.

  10. The only thing worse than this vomit-inducing clusterf**k is watching every single democrat march in gutless, mindless unison to the orders of their slave master, Nancy Pelosi. Infighting is good for the people.

  11. I see this as a two year probation period for McCarthy.
    If he doesn’t perform, the Freedom Coalition clearly has the balls and size to force a change in the next Congress. Plus there is some sort of recall option during this term.
    Expect decent behavior and performance.

  12. Dang. I was sort of looking forward to that Lionel Jefferson fellow throwing McCarthy’s stuff out in the hall.

  13. The guy is a jap. Period.

    None of those agreed upon issues will ever see the light of day again this session.

  14. Anonymous, he’s going to spend the next two years settling scores with those who dared to oppose him.

    And I’d also forget about any review of the J6 Inquisition’s kangaroo calumny. He’s probably already put the Speaker’s 50-Year Uniparty Seal on those records.

  15. *phone rings*

    Hello, Nancy? Kev here. Can you give me some pointers on vindictive retaliation for those who oppose me? No, not my “freinds across the aisle”, Nanc, c’mon, I know you’re just being funny but this is SERIOUS, these people CHALLENGED me!

    What? Of COURSE I mean Republicans!

    HATE those guys!

    What? You have some FBI files I can use? Great!

    …so let’s get started…

  16. The Speaker of The House continues to be from California and California can’t get it’s own shit together….It’s ironically pathetic….Maybe the name should change to “California’s choice for Speaker of the House”….

  17. *phone rings*

    Hello, Nancy? Kev-Kev again.

    Hey, you know those FBI files you’re hooking me up with? You think you can give me some on that Majorie whatever woman? You might have heard of her as MTG.

    Why? Yeah, she helped me out, but NOW she thinks I OWE her something. And I think she wants my DICK!

    Don’t laugh, Nan, she doesn’t GET it. I like dudes. DUDES. And she’s NOT one. I have to keep ghosting her so the press doesn’t try to make us a “thing” and screw up MY prospects for getting dick, so anything you can do would be a solid that you’ll get back in insider tips, “jobs” for your fam, and 50 year seals on any “investigations” you ran when YOU were here.

    Can do?


    A crate of Absolut Black Pinstripe Crystal vodka is headed your way from the House liquor store as we speak.

    No, seriously, it’s my treat!

    …well, it’s the TAXPAYERS treat, actually, but you DESERVE it!

  18. This country was mortally wounded at 9-11.
    Look at all that’s happened sequentially since then. All downhill, steeply of late.

    This Speakership charade was the last spasm of the corpse.

  19. Ooooh 15 VOTES !!! That’s so impressive!

    The holy temple of Democracy was utilized by the People!
    Elections matter!

    Who would’ve guessed that in the end, the UniParty got it’s man installed.
    Like a clogged toilet that took 2 hours of plungering to finally stuff down its contents! Happy days of Uniparty Rule!

  20. instead of voting 15 times, if they had used dominion voting machines, he would have won the first time.


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