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McCarthy orders probe of DA investigating Trump

AxiosMcCarthy accused Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg of “an outrageous abuse of power” and of “pursu[ing] political vengeance against President Trump” in a tweet posted Saturday morning.

  • “I’m directing relevant committees to immediately investigate if federal funds are being used to subvert our democracy by interfering in elections with politically motivated prosecutions,” McCarthy said.
  • Leading GOP hardliners in the House, including Reps. Chip Roy (R-Texas) and Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.), signaled support for the probe.
  • “[McCarthy] is right, and I fully support his call for an investigation,” tweeted Sen. Rick Scott (R-Fla.). “No federal dollars should be used to prop up this radical, Soros-backed activist attorney or his gross political attacks.” more

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  1. Does anyone else find it highly suspicious that in the same week this rogue DA in NY wants to arrest Trump that joey and his illegal dealings with China are also coming under scrutiny? Something stinks, really bad and it has nothing to do with Donald Trump except as a distraction from prosecuting the real criminal and treasonous bastard in Biden and his criminality. And why hasn’t George Soreass been greased yet?

  2. Immediately investigate hush money, but ignore the Clinton death toll.
    Or Ghislaine Maxwell’s client list, Hunter’s laptop, Operation fast and furious, arming the Taliban, Ukraine,…..
    Seems normal.

  3. If the Dem establishment “doesn’t” attack any of the other candidates, you can make them all as RINOs.

  4. If the Dem establishment “doesn’t” attack any of the other candidates, you can mark them all as RINOs.

    I miss the edit button.

  5. First bullet point..and what if they are? What is RINO McCarthy gonna do? He benefits from that shady election process.

    Please no protests if President Trump is taken into custody. People will be expired by corrupt leo and President Trump will be charged with leading an insurrection.

    Pray that God’s will be done and that corruption is exposed. Also pray that He protects DJT and family.

    (When I typed “corrupt”, the next word suggested was “police”. I guess it is quite common that those two words go together.) SMH

  6. Kev has been a good Speaker – much to my surprise! But he was a “Bush Republican” for decades. I fear this may be another fake probe as was the case wit GWB’s girl L. Learner.

    I pray Kev again proves me wrong. Sometimes I like to be wrong! Wisj I’d been wrong woth GWB’s boy Pence!

  7. Maybe this is race related. Maybe, instead of Soros, he is getting his marching orders from Susan Rice or The Obamas. Or maybe he is just a Kim Gardner wannabe, trying to stick it to the White Man. Or maybe he is just pissed that under Trump’s watch black poverty decreased, black prosperity, home ownership, college graduation, and real wages increased. We can’t have black folks thinking they have agency over their own lives, nope, time to send a message.

  8. Coincidence that the arrest warrant for President Trump is issued right after the arrest warrant for Vlad Putin? I think not. All designed to continue to conflate the two in the eyes of the lowfo voters.

  9. Why not indict the porn star who was actually in movies and not the White House for extortion?


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