McConnell Tells Yellen Dems Are On Their Own With Approaching Debt Ceiling

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With all the arguments around the $3.5 trillion reconciliation bill and the bipartisan infrastructure bill, one issue that has fallen by the wayside is that of the debt ceiling. In order for Democrats to get what they want, it will have to be lifted, which means we are headed for another major shutdown battle in the coming weeks.

Janet Yellen, the Treasury Secretary, recently called Sen. Mitch McConnell to lobby his support to raise the debt ceiling. But McConnell, perhaps sensing that he has nothing to gain by handing Democrats another victory, gave his response: Nah. More

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  1. Mitch your part of the problem. 🤬

    Asked this before, what the hell is wrong with you Kentucky? 🤔

    Guess they enjoy a Commie Rino, sure keep voting for this asshole and expect different policy results.

  2. McConnell he done so much damage already, and has turned the other way on so much we relied on him for, nothing he does or says can be trusted. We’re in the state we are because of Hope shut like him.

  3. The country has been bought and resold many times over the past 30-40 years. What matters is that Satan holds the mortgage and his minions are running it.

    They will get what they want including all of our property and wealth. How can it be stopped?

  4. Maybe he’s sensing power that may be forthcoming once the AZ election audit is made public next Friday? If it shows Kelly’s vote totals are inaccurate then it would bring into question his seat. AZ could recall not only the electors but all other races where the audit turned up “discrepancies”. With Kelly gone the Senate would be +1 GOP. Still think China Mitch is a CCP operative and needs a retirement package in Gitmo.





  6. I’m sorry I thought for the most part the government was already shutdown. The Social Security offices have been shut to the public for 554 days. We had a scan of my sons ss card but could not use it for a learner’s permit due to the Real ID requirements even with a passport. Lost the original in a flood or something. Under 18 and you can’t do it online even though they’ve had 554 days to fix that so we had to put him to work and issue a 1099. Their office states they are taking appointments but I was told by DC that only applies to immigrants applying for a new card, not american kids and new babies under 18. The conversations I had were beyond bizarre. One lady cried (after berating me for 10 minutes)and asked if I though my sons drivers licenses was important enough for her to die for. All that kept going through my head was “better do it, and decrease the surplus population.” But she hung up on me before I could phrase it correctly.

  7. I don’t care. McConnell stabbed President Trump in the back when he could have done something to save the election from being stolen.

    If he had done his job, none of this (Biden) would have happened.

  8. Before the plandemic, the SS office where I live wouldn’t even answer their phones; had to drive over just to make an appointment. They are useless.

  9. “…Besides, why is Janet Yellen calling McConnell to lobby for Senate Democrats? I was assured she was a non-partisan actor…”

    This was my second thought, right after, “who in the hell believes a word that the turtle says?” He has zero credibility.


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