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McDonald’s Closing All Russian Outlets, KFC Pressured to Be Next

Daily Caller

McDonald’s announced Tuesday that it will temporarily close all 850 of its restaurants in Russia over Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

“McDonald’s has decided to temporarily close all our restaurants in Russia and pause all operations in the market,” the press release stated. The press release was originally an email CEO Chris Kempczinski sent to McDonald’s employees and franchisees. More

UK Daily Mail

KFC faces mounting pressure to shutter its 1,000 Russian restaurants after McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, Pepsi and Starbucks all halted business there indefinitely because of Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.   

The chain is the only significant US-owned fast food chain still operating in Russia, after its rivals announced plans to suspend business there indefinitely. More

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  1. That will end the war. Russians can’t live without big macs and nuggs!

  2. No Coke, no Pepsi, no Mickey D’ and no KFC? The Russian people will be the healthiest and most fit people on the planet.

  3. “temporarily”, my ass. I don’t think Vlad is gonna forget these moves once this is all over.

  4. …this is getting ridiculous.

    I have this silly little “Match-3” type phone game I have for when I’m bored, it’s the sort of thing where you build a medieval fighting force by matching various patterns and “fight” with them against folks from all over the world.

    To judge by the hours they keep and the Cyrillic script they use for their names, I’d say a LOT of the customers for this game are Russian and Russian affiliated.

    …so today, the in-game mailbox contains THIS, in English and Russian.

    “Small Giant Games has been watching the recent events unfold in Ukraine with great concern. After significant consideration, we decided to stop sales, installations, advertising and marketing support for our games in Russia and Belarus for the time being.

    Affected game accounts will not be deleted but may become inaccessible as our technical changes go into effect. This announcement will continue to be updated as needed.

    We join the many voices around the world calling for peace and will continue to monitor the situation. We firmly stand with the people of Ukraine and anyone opposed to the war.”

    Hoo-lee SHIT.

    That’s HARSH.

    Russians can’t get tech support for their derfy phone games?

    Gee. THAT’LL bring ol’ Vlad to his knees!


    …I mean REALLY, WTF? You’re going to slit your OWN throat by cutting off your Russian customers, of which you have a visibly HUGE number, just because Democrats want to preserve the place where they and their kids launder money and peddle influence? You, a GAME company, are going to make a stand without even CONSIDERING that the Russians just MAY have a POINT?

    You, a GAME company, are going to get involved in INTERNATIONAL POLITICS AT ALL?!?


    Not sure if I’m more amazed by the business suicide or the fatuous hubris of thinking that you, a GAME COMPANY, will sway the course of world affairs, or even knows enough ABOUT them to TRY.

    …games are ENTERTAINMENT. Entertainment is ESCAPISM. I come to you for FUN, NOT POLITICS.


    …there’s dozens, hundreds, maybe THOUSANDS of these types of games littering the Interwebs.

    Somehow, I don’t think replacing a Match-3 game will be all that challenging.

    Not even for a Russian…

  5. Stupid cancel culture bullshit is out of control.

    Businesses are apparently in business to cancel business.

    It’s retarded.

  6. Bad move! Might save the lives of 3 cows but they will then expel flatulence and warm up the planet X degrees!

  7. …do ANY of these businesses have a fiduciary duty to their SHAREHOLDERS?

    …asking as a stakeholder in a retirement fund…

  8. With all these cancellations by American companies doing business in Russia, Putin, and more importantly the Russian people will logically (but incorrectly) conclude that the American people, and not just Joe Biden, are at war with them. This is a stupid, dangerous game.

  9. You know Russia is a communist country and I don’t see where they would have a problem with co-opting empty buildings and starting their own businesses with other products same locations.
    The narrative is we must suffer because of Russia, but in reality we’re suffering because of corrupt government, media and a fake president controlled by an ex-president and company.

  10. Science 101
    MARCH 9, 2022 AT 9:58 AM
    “Bad move! Might save the lives of 3 cows…”

    …you spelled “horses” wrong there…

  11. Wait a sec. Isn’t MacDonald’s a franchise? The owners of these franchises can set whatever open/close hours they want…? If the mothership cuts the supply chain, start selling hot dogs instead of hamburgers, as the franchiser violated contract. I dunno, but it seems to me macdonalds can’t do this without compensation back to the franchise owners.

  12. Coke has pulled out, McDonalds has pulled out and CNN, facebook, and twitter have been banned in Russia. So the Russian people will be healthier, both physically and mentally. Good job globo-homos.

  13. …gonna be interesting to see how well they follow this precedent they are setting when China invades Taiwan (Formosa)…

  14. Why does “Corporate America” equate to “Cowardice?”
    WTF is wrong with these maggots? They suck BLMs’ asses and give handjobs to the ANTIFA Storm Troopers and now this?
    I haven’t been to a McD in probably 25 years but I do (did) enjoy an occasional KFC.

    Ah, fuck it – the world’s turning to shit in real time.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  15. Note to Russia: When Coca Cola pulled out of Nazi Germany at the outbreak of WW2, the Germans invented Fanta as a replacement.

    As my daughter likes to say, when life hands you shit, make shit-ade.

  16. Look for prices at MacDonald’s to skyrocket because of this. Psaki will say it’s the price Americans must pay to “defend our democracy”.

  17. This makes no sense. They are just hurting employees and good people trying earn money. They have no impact on the decisions of Putin. This is all virtue signaling.

  18. So, that’s weird… First time ever, my comment is awaiting moderation. Is it because I included a link? It’s to photos of the opening of the firs McD’s in Moscow in 1990.

    And there is a weird gravatar next to my name. Looking at all the comments, they all have gravatars now and a lot of them are in the same style as the one assigned to me.

    Is this all part of the plan to purge comments by An*nym*us? I don’t like it… Feels like the fb fact checkers are taking over…


    Fur is working on the Anon issue and trying several things to keep our community safe from the spammers and bots. I had to prove who I was four times yesterday before the program would accept my comments! Please be patient. 🙂 – Claudia

  19. Thanks, Claudia. Not complaining, just commenting. Maybe this will make me finally make a real gravatar… And I am happy to see An*nym*us comments banned so, thanks for that!

    Anon ban not working perfectly yet! Still working on it, but the majority (the spam and the bot) Anons are gone. So far.

    Oh, and I knew you weren’t complaining. But I did when I had to keep proving who I was yesterday. Said some nasty things on the comment section to prove who I am! hehe I hope Fur didn’t read it. 😂 – Claudia

  20. Note, franchises yes but McDonald’s Corporation sets the rules! If they say shutdown, you shut the fuck down, if they say, you lost the restaurant, you lost the fucking restaurant! This is a corporate choice, public, government has no say in the matter.

  21. LOL. Like anyone could stop them from running a business in Russia.

    Quite stupid to think you could.

    You’re just giving up any and all franchise monies you would have collected.

    Go woke, go broke. It ain’t just a saying.

  22. This has absolutely nothing with going WOKE! You might approve of what Russia has done, they do not, maybe you have a little hard time understanding why, that will be your problem not theirs.

  23. …so side question, does KFC actually finish cooking the chicken before they box it up in Russia?

    Because they sure as hell don’t HERE.

    …maybe Chicken Tartare is a better fit there, though, more of an ancestral tradition.

    As for me, I’ll walk past a KFC for a Lee’s any time, I see enough chicken blood when my hens peck each other’s tails, don’t need it in my dinner as well, KFC serves meals only a voodoo priest could love…

  24. I ate at MacDonald’s in Moscow a few times. Mainly because they are everywhere and convenient. They were actually pretty good and served items you can’t get here, like gyros. Yeah, they were pretty expensive but everything in Moscow is. I never saw one that wasn’t very busy.


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