McDonalds doesn’t want you to use their stools

31 Comments on McDonalds doesn’t want you to use their stools

  1. The fast food joints like them all had design testing done so people cannot get comfortable in the seating for longer than a short period of time. This is to keep out “campers”.
    Now they have upped the ante.

  2. @ Different Tim

    Patent it> Safety Centering Pin [SCP] and then lobby the government to make them mandatory.


  3. That’s right up Obama’s alley! Just right for some black queens twerking booty!!! Those seats are the perfect meme of the Day!! as all of the above comments hilariously have shown! Well Done all!

  4. I used to love going to the all minority employee McDonald’s in my my home town where blacks and Hispanics would glare at all the white customers with hate, and spit on their food when they thought no one could see them. Warned everyone, and walked out. Never went back after that day to any McDonald’s any where, ever again.


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