McDonald’s Drops A Spam and Oreo Burger On China – IOTW Report

McDonald’s Drops A Spam and Oreo Burger On China

Chicago Tribune

McDonald’s is selling a sandwich made of Spam topped with crushed Oreo cookies Monday in China in an attention-grabbing move that has raised eyebrows.

Global brands from restaurants to automakers sometimes roll out offbeat products to appeal to Chinese tastes in the populous and intensely competitive market. More

Reviews of what was euphemistically labeled “lunchmeat burger” on Twitter Here

25 Comments on McDonald’s Drops A Spam and Oreo Burger On China

  1. I’ve been to china. They love pork based food. They also flock to American fast food establishments. They don’t go for sweets very much. That’s why I wonder about the oreo crumbs.

  2. …the Spam’s OK, but not interested in the Oreos though, partly because the name reminds me of “Obama”, but mostly because of this, which ALSO reminds me of “Obama”…×800.jpg

    …not everything NEEDS to be gay, there are no cookies proclaiming pride for OTHER forms of sex, and if there’s ONE thing I DON’T need, its to celebrate gay sex while eating a mysterious creme filling…

  3. You can get a spam McMuffin at McD’s in Hawaii, but if you want Oreo’s on it, bring your own.

    My middle daughter went to High School in Honolulu. She said when the lunch bell rang on Spam Day, you’d better get out of the way of the stampede.

  4. Can’t decide what’s worse; this, or pregnant women in western society that eat peanut butter sandwiches with bananas and potato chips, then top it off with ice cream and pickles for dessert.

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