McDonald’s tainted salads have now sickened 163 people in 10 states

USA Today: The number of people sickened by tainted McDonald’s salads has jumped to 163 in 10 states. Three of the victims have been hospitalized.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration said the problem is caused by the Cyclospora parasite that is transmitted in foods contaminated with fecal matter.

Last week, the number of cases was 61 people in seven states – 29 in Illinois, 16 in Iowa, seven in Missouri, three in Minnesota and two each in Nebraska, South Dakota and Wisconsin.

An updated state-by-state breakdown wasn’t immediately available.

McDonald’s voluntarily stopped selling salads last week at about 3,000 restaurants in 14 states — Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Minnesota, Nebraska, South Dakota, Montana, North Dakota, Kentucky, West Virginia and Missouri — until they were able to switch to another lettuce-mix supplier.

“We have removed lettuce blend provided by Fresh Express’ Streamwood, Illinois, facility,” the fast-food burger chain said in a statement Friday. “Many restaurants already have a new lettuce blend supply, while we expect all identified restaurants will have new supply in the next few days.” more

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  1. Oh my yes….

    All those illegals “workin da fields” must take a crap too you know and since they are not allowed to leave the fields they just crap right there and use their hand to wipe themselves clean if no lettuce leaves are available just like a good Mexican or muslim will do.

    Of coarse since this has been happening thanks to ONE tainted plant full of illegals in shitcago nothing will be done about, nobody will face ANY kind of charges, and nobody will get a fine or even think about going to one of their MANY over crowded jails.

    Nope, this is just business as usual in da big windy…. now lets move on to something more important like the latest TDS freakout by the leftist anti-American losers so we can collectively scream at the sky until mommy brings us our hot coco and crayons.

  2. This is caused by illegals working in the kitchen, not the fields. Third worlders from sh*t hole countries don’t wash their hands after tossing the toilet paper in the corner and they can’t read the signs that say “All employees must wash their hands before returning to work”.

  3. I am constantly amazed that thousands per day do NOT become ill or die due to the vast amount of fast/processed food consumed daily…. I gave up “fast food” some years ago in an attempt to stabilize my weight and have not missed it at all.
    Remember that “organic” produce is fertilized with “natural” er… fertilizers as opposed to those nasty “man-made” chemicals. It is either that or the lack of hand washing or they are chopping it up with the same knife used to cut the crap….
    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell


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