‘McRefugees’ are dying at McDonald’s in Hong Kong – IOTW Report

‘McRefugees’ are dying at McDonald’s in Hong Kong

NYP- The phenomenon dates back to at least 2007 and has also been documented in Japan and mainland China. It appears to be particularly popular in Hong Kong, notorious for being one of the world’s most expensive places to live because of sky-high rents.

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  1. There are some tribes in 4th world Africa that handle their business better than a Chinese family. I’ve read stories where old people had sold their homes to pay for the kids’ schooling, weddings, rent, whatever. And then the kids turn their backs on the parents or the grandparents. What’s wrong with your kid getting a job to pay for his or her own shit???

    Better your kid is out on the street than your old self. At least a young person has a better chance of straightening himself out, if he cares to.

  2. I don’t support the entitlement mentality, but old people should be looked after. Sure, their folly has lead some of them into this, but we spend money going to Mars? Fuck me. I hate this shit.

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