McSally Ahead of Sinema, But Race Won’t Be Called

Martha McSally- 49.3%
Kyrsten Sinema -48.5%


as Election Day came to an end, the race for Arizona’s open U.S. Senate seat ended exactly how it has played out over the past few weeks: too close to call.

An official victor may not be known for days — and maybe longer, if the final tally were to trigger a recount or legal challenge, experts say. As Tuesday night ticked toward Wednesday morning, the lack of an outcome began to settle in.

Maricopa County Recorder’s Office officials were expected to receive data from polling locations well into the night, said spokeswoman Murphy Hebert. The system will be updated as the ballots are processed, she said. Those data reflect in-person votes cast on Election Day.

The office will then start processing the “late early ballots,” which include those dropped off at the polling places on election day.

“That’s going to take days,” Hebert said.


10 Comments on McSally Ahead of Sinema, But Race Won’t Be Called

  1. The “lost” ballots will begin coming in and amazingly they’ll all be votes for the democrat. Just like always.

  2. After saddling this country with McCain for 23 years I’m hoping AZ redeems itself and doesn’t send Enema to DC

  3. Patriotic career female pilot vs. bisexual America hating fruit loop.

    Of course this was going to be a nail biter. Because that’s where we are as a country right now.

    49.5% of the country thinks a suicide vest is a bold fashion statement.

  4. It could have been worse. I mean a lot worse. But think about this- While we do have President Trump, we have to remember that we are still dealing with soft-headed voters who were born only knowing 0bama and know nothing else. The same people that think there are more than two biological sexes. LOL. And some of those special snowflakes just turned voting age within the last 2 years. That, and the House Rinos started to retire and bail ahead of time. And the ones up for re-election, well, some of them were like having a democrat in their seats anyway. No way we weren’t going to lose seats in the House this time.

  5. I truly believe that illegal alien voting and other voter fraud is playing a part in this election. I prayed that God would thwart the left’s plan, but it might have been a lesson to us that he allowed it this time. After he kept the presidential election fair, we had a chance to do something about their plans, but didn’t. It MUST be dealt with before 2020.

  6. Demographics are the country’s destiny. All those illegal aliens have been dropping Democrats for decades. That’s why California is a hopeless mess, why Texas almost elected a complete disaster, and why Nevada turned out a moderate Republican. We only have about a decade to save this country. It starts with repelling the invaders from Central America.

  7. When counting these late-early ballots aren’t the parties allowed scrutineers who can challenge the legitimacy of the ballot? If they find some (and they would) turn them over to the feds for prosecution to the fullest extent of the law. Seeing a few neighbours being led away in cuffs ought to stop such shenanigans in 2020 especially if your pals are still languishing in a Federal Prison.

  8. There are some 300k Election Day drop in ballots in Maricopa County. Synema is now behind 24K (from drop in ballot count in Southern AZ)

    She’d need to win about 55% of these ballots, and she won Maricopa by 50.4%, so odds of her winning are just about zero — which everyone in the media knows.

    It really is shocking that this she-creature came so close, but MacSally’s political ads were awful .. cringe-worthy. Whoever handled her campaign should be dragged naked over a mile long stretch of Phoenix asphalt next July ….

    … at 4 o’clock in the afternoon, no less


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