McTurtle Defends Burr’s Subpoena of DJT Jr.


On Tuesday, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell defended Republican colleague and Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman, Richard Burr, regarding his surprise subpoena of President Trump’s son, Donald Trump Junior.

“None of us tell Chairman Burr how to run his committee,” said McConnell. “I asked him to undertake this investigation with Russian collusion a couple of years ago.”

McConnell noted that Burr has previously “indicated, publicly, that he believes they will find no collusion.”

The move drew fiery condemnation from Republicans, including President Trump and Don Junior, who, after signaling his intention to ignore the subpoena, agreed on Tuesday to testify at a later date.


17 Comments on McTurtle Defends Burr’s Subpoena of DJT Jr.

  1. Proof once again that he’s really not on the side of Truth, Justice & the American Way.

  2. McCONnell’s true colors come to the forefront again and again.
    He’s the establishment guy and has no leadership qualities as Leader of the Senate or the GOP.

  3. I hate pseudo republicans even more than I do democRATS…at least the democRATS are up front about hating America, unlike those swamp dwelling RINO’s!

  4. Whether he is right or wrong in this isn’t as important as mcconnell being a corrupt, backstabbing swine whose allegiance is to his country club, not his country.

    Mcconnell is why guillitines were invented.

  5. McConnell is ‘slow’ like a turtle to understand the facts but ‘fast’ like a rabbit to condemn.
    He is an embarrassment to America, Life, Liberty and Justice.

  6. How is it that we allow this asshole to go on and on? Shame on us.

    He has outplayed the system.

  7. McConnell and other RINO rats are beginning to feel heat IMHO. They have years of dirt in their closets. If Barr bring justice and imprisons a slew of the swamp rat traitors, McConnell is probably scared that someone, somewhere will out him for his dirt in retaliation. So he agrees with this BS to try to gain some small favor with those who will try to destroy him one day.

  8. Mitch is paid very well to be the puppet of the economic pirates. He does what he’s told and the public be damned.

  9. BS he can’t tell Burr how to run his committee, He can remove him from the committee for being a democrat in republican clothing. He should be removed from the committee ASFAP DJT JR should NOT appear before the committee as it is a PERJURY TRAP Anybody with an ounce of brains can see that.


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