MD City Council Letting “Resident Non-Citizens” Vote

In a 4-3 vote the city council of College Park decided to allow all foreigners, illegal or illegal, to vote in local elections. The amendment had been delayed a month in the face of community opposition, but with last night’s approval College Park becomes the sixth town in Maryland to allow “green-card holders, illegal immigrants and other non-citizens, to vote in local elections.”


So the left is fighting gerrymandering and then they go and disenfranchise the citizens of their own districts by letting non citizens vote.

22 Comments on MD City Council Letting “Resident Non-Citizens” Vote

  1. ya’ll guys better start learning Arabic. someone will chisel this on your tombstones- We were PC and it killed us-


  2. How does a city council decide this?

    And how can they do this without a court fight? When ever liberals don’t like something, the go judge shopping to get an injunction, why not with this?

  3. It’s Maryland. It’s as irredeemable as California, Washington state, and so many other states. It won’t make a difference. I feel bad for western Maryland though. They’re in the same boat as Virginia. Beltway liberals run roughshod over the rest of the state.

  4. The shit will really hit the fan once the camel’s back finally breaks. I wonder where it will happen, and I wonder why it hasn’t happened yet.

  5. The DoJ and the FEC can shut this down, hard and fast. Starting at the State level.
    I’m fine with both Departments suing these Mayors and Councilmen for huge damages, just to get their attention, then proceeding with arrests on Federal charges.

    This is sedition. This is Treason.
    Abraham Lincoln would have them arrested at bayonet point and clapped in irons awaiting military tribunal. He would, and did, arrest the entire legally elected Maryland legislature in 1861 for voting to peaceably secede.

  6. City issues maybe? Not too sure a tiny city can make laws affecting the entire state. They certainly can’t decide on their own who can and who can’t vote in National elections.

  7. Even the “undocumented” citizens who don’t bother to vote have been throwing federal elections for generations. (Representatives are allocated by “residents,” not citizens, “eligible voters,” nor any other subset. And, yes, that includes literally impossible to verify “homeless residents.”)

    There is only one government. The federal team counts them when they don’t vote. Some municipalities count them again if they vote. And the current regime always decides who’ll be on the ballot.

    “Oh noes!” The Sun rose in the EAST! TODAY!

  8. Results are in for the College Park, Maryland elections. Proposition 12 passed with 534,042 votes. Election officials were more than a bit surprised, considering the population is around 32,000…

  9. How are they going to know if you are a resident non-citizen. Demand paperwork and ID?

    I say we all go vote and vote often. Sue if they ask for ID or any kind of proof we fit the profile they want.

    No comprende! Sólo estoy aquí para votar! Ja, das ist richtige. Verstehen sie nicht! Abstimmung! Abstimmung! Abstimmung! On peut avoir du vin et du fromage après le vote?

  10. “City issues maybe? Not too sure a tiny city can make laws affecting the entire state.”

    College Park = University of Maryland. Lotta frns tottering up and down the BW Parkway, with its tentacles in Baltimore, to name just one outreach branch. I’m not saying they can make laws affecting the entire state..just the parts that regularly abuse legalities to get their way.

  11. Any citizen in that district should be able to sue and have standing. The government is overthrowing the people and replacing them with a more agreeable one that can’t be verified.

    They are diluting their franchise.

  12. Sorry !

    So stressed that I bailed about halfway through the comments …

    WTF !

    Why do I pay these damn exaggerated taxes !!!

  13. Where am I supposed to return/immigrate to after paying for this shit !!

    What keeps us from an invasion to take over our freedom???

    Like I mad I didn’t finish the comments. Sorry if I’m repeating. Sometimes it just needs to be voiced by you.

  14. Don’t forget southern Maryland it’s all neck down here. It’s Baltimore city and pg county making all the rules for Maryland.

  15. Haw can 7 assholes userp the will of the people? This was up for vote a month ago and they postponed the vote because thousands came out to oppose it. This time they conveniently only let people from casa de Maryland talk, and wouldn’t you know it now everyone wants illegals to have all the rights a natural born citizen has! Maybe that lib town will wake up and show up for local elections. There was an outspoken lady on the council who was against it as a last ditch effort she tried to get a vote for only permanant status immigrants be allowed to vote and that failed worse then the first vote. Shows how important local elections can be lib or not.

  16. College Park is a dump run by liberal pinheads. The student body at u of m is a polyglot mess of 3rd worlders. Why anyone would live there is beyond me


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