MD Police Will Not Investigate 2nd Kavanaugh Allegation

WJ: A Maryland police chief on Monday denied media accounts that his department is looking into 35-year-old allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

The Sentinel, a newspaper based in Montgomery County, Maryland, on Monday reported on Monday that “investigators” were “aware of a potential second sexual assault complaint” against Kavanaugh.

Christine Blasey Ford has accused Kavanaugh of acting in a sexually inappropriate manner towards her during a party in the 1980s, when both were in high schools located in Montgomery County. Kavanaugh has denied the incident ever happened.

The report quoted Police Chief J. Thomas Manger as saying, “We are prepared to investigate if the victim wants to report to us, and we can determine it occurred in the county.”

However, after the initial report came out, Manger had different words to say.

“I have spoken with my chief of detectives, and neither of us have any knowledge of anyone coming forward to us to report any allegations involving Judge Kavanaugh,” he said, according to the Washington Examiner.  MORE

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  1. Filing a false accusation is a crime and she knows it, but if she files a complaint it won’t get past the judge, or it will be nullified by the prosecutor.

    Now Kavanaugh has to wait for Mueller’s charges, don’t think Mueller isn’t trying to come up with a crime.

  2. To report the “crime” would would be counter productive to the goal of making the accusation. The goal is to Bork Kavanaugh. IF there were an actual investigation it would be found no law was actually broken.

    Innocent until proven guilty seems to be a privilege only for those who bath themselves in the blood of the aborted. Must be some mystical transference of innocent babies’s blood to the likes of Clinton, Kennedy & Ellison that they are absolved of all wrong doing but be suspected of being pro-life and you will be tied to a post and burned alive. As I don’t belong to a Personality Cult/The Democrat Party/religion I’m hazy on the details of how the actual theology makes sense. I just see the results of what their faith preaches and it’s ugly.

    On that note- have you ever pondered the fact that Anton Lavey lead a more decent life than lets say Di Fi, Spartacus or Gilibrand? Look at what he did- he wrote Satan’s Bible, preach do what you want and dressed like a freak. Funny, Lavey never slandered other people and destroyed their lives for his own gain and any sex was consensual. Think about that- to say Keith Ellison, Bill Clinton, Di Fi and company are acting as bad as members or the founder of the Church of Satan would be an insult to the members or founder of the Church of Satan.

    That’s were we are today folks; this is the state of the country and the CNN & “resistance” types revel in it.

  3. “…“investigators” were “aware of a potential second sexual assault complaint” …”

    and that is all there is folks. ‘potential’
    As Zonga said above, to file a false report opens the door to a perjury or making false charges claim. Until a formal, sworn complaint is made, nothing will be investigated, and there is no surprise to that. The whole thing is just crap flinging. Good, well practiced crap flinging, but that is all that it is. crap flingers they be.

  4. “Fuck this bullshit already bro.”

    ^^^^^^^ vote him in, and let them try to impeach him. If the media moves on to the next shiny thing, and the Dems can’t get traction, too bad. They should be glad to be set free. Like Saul says, a tactic which drags on too long is a drag.

    And I guess the Dem Senators showboating in this campus rape tribunal don’t need to be campaigning because they’ve got a Blue Wave?

  5. Dr. Ballsey Ford, Judge Kavanaugh’s accuser says she cannot travel to DC because of “fear of flying.” It’s been noted however, that she has been to the East coast, many times, and Hawaii these past 35 years. She must have driven to the East coast and boated to Hawaii. Wonder if she used a Chumash boat or a Tomol? I’m sure the FBI could determine if she ever flew. If so, it would confirm my belief that she is a lying bitch. Moe Tom P.I.
    I hope she gets creamed on Thursday, if she ever shows up. My bet
    she doesn’t show.

  6. Georgetown Prep? You got to be kidding me! Those that attended there would s*it their pants pulling this kind of stuff. They were more scared of BrotherLookathis or Father MyI, after Sister Pfister took them out in grade school. What a load of BS! all of it.

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