Me-Me-Me Michelle’s Great Depression

Patriot Retort: Back in 2013, I wrote a column about Michelle Obama titled “Me-Me-Me: It’s all about Me.”

Which, by the way, is one of the many early Dianny columns featured in my first volume of RANT.

In “Me-Me-Me: It’s all about Me,” I wrote:

What is it about the Obamas that they have to make everything about them?

And you know they make everything about them, because Barack Obama frequently points out that “this is not about me!”

It’s become a mainstream joke counting the use of the word “I” in every Obama speech – be it Barack or Michelle.

They talk about themselves more than anyone or anything else.

And they twist themselves into pretzels to make every single event somehow relate to their life.

The whole “Me-Me-Me: It’s all about me” became the theme of virtually every speech Michelle ever gave.

In fact, she took her “Me-Me-Me: It’s all about me” on a world tour – including a stop in Argentina back in March of 2016.

Turns out, Michelle’s navel-gazing, self-obsessed victimhood did not disappear when she left the White House. more

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  1. Aww, the little bitch is depressed…

    Do the world a favor and eat the payload of a shotgun shell at 1330 fps.

    Fuck off!

  2. She’s mad because white people don’t like to be victims of black crime. She thinks white people would just accept it if they weren’t racist. w

  3. Oh my heart bleeds.❣️ She has everything she could ever want, but all she can do is bitch about how depressed she is. How about you and your freak of a husband depressed us for eight long long years! 🙄

  4. Now that they have to pay for their own cash burning world hopping junkets instead of the taxpayers, they are too cheap to pay millions to haul their traveling circus along and life is such a bore.

  5. What she should feel depressed about is her school nutrition plan that put inedible shit on children’s plates and allowed those companies to abscond with money that could have been used on education or something someone wanted to eat.

    At the very least she could have left the food alone and tried to get each kid at least 1 real milk a day to add some vitamins to the kids poor diets.

  6. … and that she had to tape up that giant horse cock between her cheeks!

  7. Depressed? She’s a multimillionairass living in a $17 million mansion on an island where most of the White Colored People think she is a Black Colored Classless Jackie Kennedy. What really must depress this harridan is the knowledge that what remains of her husband’s legacy is now entirely in the hands of Dementia Joe Obiden Bama. She also must be aware that someone has been squealing like a pig to those nasty people who work for Attorney General Barr. It depressed a lot of us that we had to pay for this termagant’s travel expanses along with her two Turkey Basters. She’s one of the two biggest Black Colored Grifters in history.

  8. Tell me again how this sad, lazy, sulking turd is going to swoop in and snatch the Democrat Presidential nomination. I’ll wait.

  9. Oh, dear! Michelle, darling Michelle, superlative Michelle, how can you possibly have merely a “low grade” depression? You, who always do better than anyone else at absolutely everything, must aspire to a HIGH grade depression. You should be spending weeks huddled in your bed, communing with Churchill’s (please pardon the expression) Black Dog. You should be considering why you shouldn’t give up and end it all every day. No, not every day, rather every hour of every morning, every afternoon, every night. Why do you keep on suffering when it would be so easy to put an end to it?

  10. SO DONE with Big Mike’s endless confusing the “ST” sound as “SHT”–shtruggle, ad-min-in-SHTRA-tion etc. Boy you IVY LEAGUE y’all need to leave that GET-TOE S**t in the hood-fo’ real nome sayin?

  11. The never ending symphony of self sympathy…I see certain parallel between this and the collection of idiots raising hell around the country right now.

  12. Sassy Sasquach just misses chasing small game in that rat trap, eyesore garden “they” made in the backyard of the White House.

  13. Thank you everyone! This wonderful collection of comments was better than any story. That is a charmingly putrid pic of moose.

  14. Oh good gawd Mike, STFU wouldja? We’re sick of you and your limp wristed mangina. Do the world a favor: FOAD. You two phony grifters aren’t worth shit. Go to Cuba, Venezuela, or North Korea where you belong. You’ll fit right in and they can just hand you cash instead of laundering your money.

  15. I think this beast is depressed ’cause due to WubonicPlague, she can’t get her size 15 EEE high heels.

  16. I’ll bet a couple of Viagra would perk her right up!

    That’s what Barry’s hoping for, anyways! 😳

  17. If it wasn’t for those toned arms the talking heads go on about she would of been gone long ago. Funny how they never notice the package?

  18. I haven’t seen a pic of her since the two of them left the White House. I forgot how fugly she was. Depressed? She’s been depressed all of her life. When she stepped into the WH, she immediately built a garden of watermelon and turnip greens. She refused to put her hand on her heart when saluting the flag. She then went on to tell the American people that for the first time in her life she was proud to be an American. She’s still unhappy with her lot in life despite owning a mansion in the Hampton’s, Chitcago, and living a life of entitlement. She still has that scowl on her face, rarely does she ever smile. She’s still embarrassing me and America.

  19. She’s upset because she’s just gotten the word that she wasn’t going to be drafted into the White House. Nobody likes her.

  20. That creature has not one single damned redeeming physical feature (except BLACK), – it’s true what they say about beauty being only skin deep, but ugly goes to the bone!

  21. Looks like she’s spending a lot of time at the refrigerator – she planning on being the bus they’re gonna throw Joe under?

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