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Me Thinks the NYT Doth Protest Too Much About Barr and Durham

Given the Conservative Treehouse’s truism that the Washington Post caters to the intel community, CNN is buddies with the State Department and New York Times is a fan boy of the DOJ and FBI, the recent hit pieces aimed at Bill Barr and John Durham is enough to make one ponder who they think might some cover any fallout from the investigations of the Russian collusion hoax, like James Comey, Chris Raye and even Merrick Garland (not to mention whole office fulls of FBI political hitmen). More

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  1. The simple fact that 99% of the voting population has no idea what “Crossfire Hurricane” was speaks directly to the adroitness of the MSM in both curating the narrative and running interference for the Democrats.

    TBH, I’m not really mad at Durham as much as I am embarrassed that I actually thought he was going to expose those bastards and put them in prison.

    I can be so naive sometimes.

  2. EXACTLY!! I utterly care less what W compost or NY slimes prints. Even the great Rush was guilty of that. Continual outrage at whatever crap the leftoids were spouting. And I would yell at the radio, “I dont care!!” What are we going to DO? ps, never an answer.

  3. The only time I’ll pay attention to the WaPo or NYSlime is when I hear that they’re both burnt to the ground and all the staff, top to bottom, are jobless and broke.

  4. Barr and Durham did their jobs – they protected the traitors in the DOJ, FBI, CIA, NSA, Armed Forces, Judiciary, House, Senate, and Exec. Agencies.

    Their Dog and Pony show is an ongoing waste of tax money – they have no intention of prosecuting anyone.
    All lies and covers.

    When Barr said that the murder of Vicky Weaver was “constitutional” I knew with absolute certainty that he was a bullshit tool of oppression – the Constitution (at least in my copy) doesn’t authorize the FedGov to murder any unarmed woman holding her infant – without charge, indictment, trial, or conviction – but particularly a citizen under the protection of the Bill of Rights.
    Lon Horiuchi is a murderer and Barr is one of his accomplices in murder.
    (sorry to bring up ancient history)

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …


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