#Me Too = Plenty of Bull$hite

Do you believe every jackass that tells a story of rape and tags it with #Me Too?

You do?



Don’t ask. Let’s just say I was a judge at a European Bikini Contest and several of them didn’t understand that “no means no!”

Malkin weighs in on #Me Too.

17 Comments on #Me Too = Plenty of Bull$hite

  1. Ann Coulter also rips the Left for suggesting that anything will change.

    They will continue to believe what they choose to believe. Like whatever Killary says, for example. Or basically any claim that they can use to exact control over others. But when it comes to actually helping those fragile, small, helpless souls whose lives are torn apart by these monsters they will offer nothing but lip service.

  2. “Do you believe every jackass that tells a story of rape and tags it with #Me Too?”

    Yes but, it’s the Left eating their own. Poor some more gas on that fire.

  3. #BringBackOurGirls!Girls!!Girls!Too.
    Part Too.
    It’s twitter’s candlelight vigil.
    A shallow sea of empty nothingness.
    Silly Rabbit. Trix is for actresses begging for money vie roles. Having second thoughts now doesn’t make it rape. Sluts.

  4. The definition of harassment has really been defined down

    One time, somebody I wasn’t attracted to asked me out on a date. #MeToo

    My ass was looking particularly taut and I could feel a coworker’s female gaze lingering on it for half a second too long. #MeToo

  5. Where is the #StopWatching campaign? Stop watching Hollywood til they get their shit together.
    Where is the #onStrike? Where’s the #BoycottAwardShows?

    Yeaaaah that’s what I thought.

  6. Weinstein might argue he cannot find an impartial, by the time this story ends. He can be charged with all sort of crimes, but the prosectors might have hard time finding a jury, no matter where the case is tried. If so, he stays out of prison.

  7. That’s because it’s not about *changing* anything.
    It’s only about being a victim *too*!

    Leftism in a nutshell…if nutshells didn’t require violence to open.

  8. “#BringBackOurGirls!Girls!!Girls!Too.” – PHenry

    Well, PH, there’s this place about 2 miles from where I live, where they all seem to be, starting at 10pm….

  9. Sorry, you just now get brave enough to tell your “story” of rape from decades ago because of a hashtag (actually it’s the pound symbol for those of us who really understand the origins of it).

    I am a little dubious. If it is rape, you should have brought out the charges. If now you screw up your courage past the statue of limitations, I think you are lying. You can only blame your female compatriots who have used false allegations (Duke lacrosse team, mattress girl, and every angry ex-wife lying for child custody, etc).

  10. Sexual harassment these days is a man telling a woman she looks pretty, staring at her butt or boobies or even just holding a door open for her.

    Good Lord could you imagine what a school today would do to a teenage boy who snapped a girl’s bra? How many women today had boys come up behind them in the halls and snap their bra? How many men today as boys snapped a girl’s bra? I never considered it sexual harassment and instead considered it boys being boys and I doubt many boys did it thinking they were sexually harassing them. Today it would probably be considered sexual assault.

    But then I’m old enough to remember when girls did wear short shorts and short skirts and shook their behinds so boys would notice them and it was a badge of honor when boys made catcalls or asked if they’d like fries with that shake. Because it’s perfectly normal for girls to be attracted to boys and want boys attention, just as it’s perfectly normal for boys to be attracted to girls.

  11. When I’m asked what I’m going to do about sexual harassment and what not, I just tell them I plan to create a larger hashtag. I think a larger sized hashtag would cure all of the worlds problems.

  12. BFH, you should get a kick out of this story. My sexist self is going to call bs, I believe some guy probably told her dirty jokes and she probably laughed at them, but then got butt hurt when he told jokes about her looks. Chased her around the desk, yep I believe that like I believe she’s an Indian.
    The other one is probably jealous that other young women were being propositioned.
    The idiot from Missouri offended over a joke and thinks that’s sexual harassment.


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