Meadows: Republican Leadership Is Ill-Equipped To Help Trump Get Things Done

DC: President Donald Trump has been leading America for some 45 days, and Democrats are hysterical in using every trick in their book to make governance impossible.

They have slow-walked nominations, systematically leaked damaging, classified information to friendly reporters , disrupted Republican town halls, “flynned” Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and threw a cultural fit because Hillary Clinton lost and they don’t want to give up power.

Republicans, with the largest Republican majorities in Congress since 1928, were expected to repeal Obamacare — exposing Obama’s malfeasances — re-limit the federal government and help Trump with his mandates. Instead, as some have labeled them, the Republican Congress is becoming a “Do-Nothing Congress” or the “Silence of the Lambs Congress,” unwilling or unable to help Trump govern the nation.

Demonstrating his own courage and independence, North Carolina Congressman Mark Meadows spoke to The Daily Caller News Foundation this week about the state of play between the White House and the Congress.

Beyond what the White House is doing, not much is getting accomplished, he says.

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12 Comments on Meadows: Republican Leadership Is Ill-Equipped To Help Trump Get Things Done

  1. If you lose an election you go home. If you lose a coup attempt you go to jail. I don’t think these people grasp that.

  2. My ass. The “Republican Leadership” is much of a sameness with the Democrats. The Entrenched, the Privileged, the Establishment for the Protection of Status Quo.

    These are the phuckers we are beset with in DC. They are in the game for them and their fellow travelers. And screw you little guys.

    No wonder they ain’t in Trump’s camp. And they never will be.

    Make no mistake, I am not a Trump supporter to the degree I think he can do no wrong.

    But he has an axe he is using on the Fed. I have a file. When that axe is blunted I will volunteer to hone that blade. If he falters, I will call him out.

    Trump scares those entrenched self interests. I have no recollection of ANY president who has done so.

    I wish him God Speed on his endeavors.

  3. The “leadership” of both houses are corrupt and self centered weenies. Time to flush them both! They have both clearly demonstrated they are not on board the Trump Train.
    Replace them both now and charge them with sedition. Also the top five dhimi’s in both houses and charge them with conspiracy.

  4. Republicans: When a minority, they roar like lions safe in the ability to blame democrats. Give them the power, and the responsibility that comes with it, and they wet their pants. Afraid of both their own shadows, and the ire of the left. They disgust me.

  5. Not only are they ill-equipped, but the Federal Government of the United States is the single biggest threat to it’s own citizen’s rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

  6. What Lowell said.
    Republican “leadership” my ass.
    The GOPe did not support Trump because they don’t own him and they can’t buy him. Consequently they do not control him.

    Judges, teachers, fake news outlets, RINOs and libtards in general- steamroll ’em now while they’re off-balance.

    And squash Cankles while you’re at it.

  7. @Walpurgis: In many countries, if you lose a coup attempt you get to assist the current regime’s military forces with their short-range target practice.

  8. We all need to travel to the capital with pitchforks and torches.
    If they don’t get that most obvious hint, it’s time to forcibly put them out to the curb.

  9. Mojo
    You can’t expect them to know how to act out in the pasture when they’ve been in the barn all their lives.

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