Meanwhile, at Burger King: If The Floors Are Clean Enough To Eat Off Of…

…why not use the same mop on the tables, at Burger King. More

The restaurant chain is reportedly retraining employees, but apparently there are worse problems than this at this particular outlet. More

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  1. My wife brings bleach wipes to the hotel. Ever since she caught a maid using the same rag to clean the toilet and sink. You want to stay healthy in public places, you have to do the job illegals won’t do.

  2. Now, THAT will put you off your feed! Nauseating.

    Among other reasons, I don’t patronize businesses whose advertising gives me the creeps, willies, or heebie-jeebies. That moronic BK “King” is on the short list (along with with the Dr. Pepper flaming fag and Progressive Insurance’s insufferable Flo).

  3. Those are the same people that prep and handle your food. They should have cameras in the prep area to keep the punks straight but the management wouldn’t keep help long.
    Those are the kind of things you force out of your mind while eating out.

  4. Next, they’ll be telling me Wendy is inappropriately attired to be working over the deep fryer and Jack won’t show anyone what’s in the box. Bad enough finding Ronald clowning around in the bathroom, now the King can’t be bothered to wipe the tables down properly.

    I’ve come to avoid fast food for fear of how quickly it races through my digestive system now.

  5. After I read about Burger King in the United Kingdom being actively against conservatives (I am a conservative woman), I vowed that I would not give them my future business. Apparently, they are one of the corporations who are “circling the drain” and could go bankrupt this year. That’s sad when that happens.

  6. There was one in Tacoma that was the filthiest SOB you could imagine. Patrons, of which I wasn’t one, were reminded to wipe your feet before leaving so you don’t pollute the out of doors.

  7. Sorry to inform by the way but those wet gray towels restaurants use to wipe tables with often are no better regarding where they’ve been.

    (The good news is that we actually live in a soup of bacteria and viruses, trillions of both “good” and “bad” ones in our bodies alone, and have rather remarkable immune systems.)

  8. McDonalds automated kiosks all tested positive for feces. I think all theses dumps should offer an antibiotic to their patrons .

  9. @No Blushes:

    Brings to mind The Steakhouse Incident…

    Wow! Thanks for posting that delightful and disgusting item!

    I haven’t seen or thought of that tale in about 20 years. Steve Crisp was a regular participant in the Usenet newsgroup triangle.general (“triangle” referring to the North Carolina are of Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill). I lived in the area from 1997 to 2004 and was also a regular. When I saw this story back then, Steve had re-posted it by request from someone who said it was already some years old.

    Edit: maybe it was triangle.misc – that was a long time ago.

  10. Yep, The Steakhouse Incident, first time for me was circa 1995. with a 14.4 modem AOL email from my brother.
    I still want a big smile (including laughing with tears) now and then so it’s just remained with me as required reading!
    Regards to Uncle Al and Anymouse,,,

  11. Now that “Disgusted customer Katie Duran” has posted this video, will SHE now be targeted by the left for getting a “person of color” fired? Will she now be doxed, and lose her job? Will she be told to mind her own business, and lose a multi-million dollar book deal?

  12. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been in a restaurant, and watched employees take a wet rag, and wipe down the seats in a booth, THEN wipe down the table top with the same rag. And then go to the next table and do the same thing. Think about it.

  13. Spot on Tony R!
    Like the times I’ve witnessed the ‘personal service attendants’ shitting’ and pissing all over the place.
    Kim Kardashian’s pachyderm still can never cover all the worthless tripe from this no-talent trash,,
    (winks, no need to guess, I hate this family,,,)


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