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Meanwhile, In California: DEA Makes Largest Meth Bust In History


The US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) have seized their largest-ever domestic haul of methamphetamine – more than 1,000kg (2,200 pounds).

The drugs were found during raids just outside of Los Angeles this month.

Another federal agency intercepted an even larger amount of meth at a San Diego port the week before.

The two hauls are “enough to provide a dose of meth, for every man, woman, and child in the United States and Mexico”, a DEA chief said on Wednesday. More

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  1. With all these drug and human trafficking arrests in recent months it’s almost like someone is now in charge of law enforcement who actually cares…

  2. The problem with meth is that it is manufactured. It requires no plant origin like heroin or coke just a chemical cocktail. There even vans that are set up as mobile labs. This bust is great news, but unfortunately the problem will continue.

  3. As a naturally hyper person I could
    never understand METH. 1 hit and you
    are grinding your teeth for 6 hours then
    more hits and you are clawing your arms to
    dig out the bugs under your skin… Then the
    corrosive chemicals in the smoke rot out your teeth.
    Have a nice life…

  4. When I left the Air Force back in 1977, one of my buddies asked what it was like where I was from. I told him the good and the bad. He asked if he could stay with me when he got out a month later so he could look for a job. He was from Ventura, California and did not want to return because he said everyone including friends and family were doing drugs and he didn’t want to raise his family there. He came and has lived here ever since.

  5. By now everyone has seen pictures of meth users and the hideous disfiguring the drug does.
    How can people be so stupid as to try it? How can people vote democrat?
    I don’t think I’ll ever get it!

  6. …meth heads are why they lock up the decongestants at the drug store now, it’s pretty easy to use them to produce it…if you’re wondering why you need to show ID to buy them, that’s because the drug store has to put you in a shared database when you buy some, to protect against ‘Smurfing’, which is the nickname for some reason for meth producers going from store to store buying these up so they can get enough to be profitable.

    It’s production is highly dangerous as it is pretty unstable to make and involves a heating process, which is why someone got in your back yard last night and stole the propane from your grill, so they could make meth. It also tends to make a strong “cat urine” smell that can fill a block and makes it VERY hard to rent or sell the rental property, abandoned house, or house you were on vacation from when they broke in and gave it that permanent smell, but consider yourself lucky that they didn’t blow it up in the process, because that happens too, and a LOT.

    This crap will jack up your heart along with your mind and your teeth, so the crash from your meth buzz may be a bit harder and more permanent than you planned on, and Narcan won’t save you because it’s not an opiate.

    To wit;

    “Although frequently overshadowed by the opioid epidemic, surging methamphetamine use nationally and around the world has fueled a chilling crisis of its own, according to a new report.

    The result is a significant increase in meth-related deaths from unique cardiovascular consequences that researchers are trying to understand.

    Methamphetamines can cause blood vessels to constrict and spasm, dangerous spikes in blood pressure, and the rewiring of the heart’s electrical system, among other potentially fatal heart-related problems.

    “Cardiovascular disease represents the second-leading cause of death among methamphetamine abusers following only accidental overdose,” according to the report published Wednesday in the American Heart Association’s journal Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis, and Vascular Biology.”

    …so if you want a drug that will ruin your teeth, your mind, your heart, your house, your family, and your life, then meth’s the drug for YOU.

    …and the REST of us get to pay your social costs,increased insurance, and have to have our cold medicines locked up like the Tomb of Imhotep, and need to lock the grill down for the same reason, thanks, unproductive and soon-to-be-dead assholes, thanks…

    …again, automatic death penalty for illicit drug producers and dealers.

    No reprieve.

    No bail.

    No mercy.

  7. We had some idiot meth heads about a block from my house set their house on fire a few years back by accidentally placing some propane tanks too close to their barbecue outside their back door. It was a hell of a fire, the whole house basically exploded and the back of the house was totally consumed and burned up within 5 minutes. The house was located next to a very busy street and most of the neighborhood was in my front yard about a block away watching the fire, fortunately the fire station is only a half mile away as they were there very quickly but the whole house was already totally consumed by the fire by then. We never saw or know what happened to the meth heads who lived there after that. The house was a total loss and there is nothing but an empty lot there now.


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